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Fredericksburg, Va. 5¢ blue on bluish #26X1 (pre-use creases) tied by Oct 28 (ms) Fredericksburg PAID town cancel on MOURNING COVER from the well-known correspondence of Major Richard Launcelot Maury and addressed to him at 24th Va. Reg, Early’s Brigade, Manassas Junction. Black seal with initial “C” on top back flap tip, slightly reduced at right as are virtually all of the Maury covers. All correspondence covers are numbered Roman numerals in in sequence and in order of receipt; this is noted LIX. Nine of these covers were sold in the 1966 Siegel Rarities of the Word auction (sale 296). A census and SURVEY was done by “Paul Bearer,” a collector of mourning covers who wishes to remain anonymous. Richard Launcelot Maury (1840-1907), son of famed U.S. Navy Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury, served with distinction as a Confederate army officer. SCV $5,500 as a regular cover without regard to the mourning bonus. ONLY 24 RECORDED in the Crown surveys of all Fredericksburg provisionals on cover. $7,000. More info on linked page.

Listed in both Provisional and Mourning Cover sections

$ 7,000


CSA 11-AD, 10¢ light blue tied bold BALLOON postmark of LOVINGSTON / Va. // JUN / 29 on spectacular MOURNING COVER with full edged back flaps and second full postmark on verso, addressed to L. L. Loving, Esqr. Care Robert A. Matthews, Comptrollers Office, Richmond, Va. $1,100. 

$ 1,100


CSA 13, 20¢ green tied by RICHMOND / VA. // OCT / 10 CDS on thick bordered MOURNING cover to Edward S. Brown, Ballsville, Powhatan County, Va. Ex Henry G. Gibson (Ward sale 12). $1,000.

Listed in both Mourning Cover and CSA 13 sections

$ 1,000


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue tied by bold CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 30 [1864] double-circle datestamp and "STEAM-SHIP" oval handstamp on INCOMING BLOCKADE-RUN BLACK-BORDERED MOURNING COVER to Arthur Huger, Esq., 1st Lieut. Marion Light Artillery, Camp John's Island, Charleston, South Carolina, "Due" and blue manuscript "12" rate including 2¢ ship fee. CSA 12 pays for FORWARDING TO ROBERT HABERSHAM & SON, SAVANNAH GA., Savannah forwarder docketing on back, cleaned and some minor cosmetic improvements. Docketing up right side shows sender was Sallie Scott. Extremely fine appearance. An outstanding incoming blockade-run cover with great provenance of Ex Emerson, Antrim, Haas, Shenfield, Hill, and Walske. Listed in both Blockade and Mourning Covers $5,500.

$ 5,500


GB 33, 1p Red tied duplex on mourning cover to Lieutenant E.E. Fairfax Williamson, Conf. States Army, No. 15, Warwick Cresent (sic), Kensington, London with House of Commons embossed seal on back of black-edged flaps. Williamson was NOT in the Confederate Army. He was a FEDERAL SPY POSING AS A CONFEDERATE ARMY OFFICER IN ENGLAND. This intriguing cover was written up in a Daniel T. Gilbert article in the July-August 1980 Confederate Philatelist, a copy of which is included. Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin urgently wrote to Henry Hotz in London on September 24, 1862, warning him that: “One E.E. Fairfax Williamson who has just gone to England and whose address is to be found at Peabody’s banking house is a Federal spy. Please write a warning at once to all our agents and officers in Europe. Williamson is about twenty years of age, fair complexion, blue eyes, bad teeth.” $1,250. Listed in both Miscellaneous-2 and Mourning Covers

$ 1,250


New 2-20-23

CSA 11, 10¢ blue, 4 huge margins all around, tied by sharp SPARTANBURG C.H. S.C. 1863 cds on small laid-paper MOURNINGcover to Mrs. Willie P. Bocock, Macon Post Office, Marengo County, Alabama. Black-edged back as well with flaps intact, Extremely Fine.  Ex Ralph Swap. $600. 

Willis Perry Bocock biography on linked page.

$ 600

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