Stampless Covers - South Carolina - Section Two


CHARLESTON / S.C . // NOV / 14 / 1863 cds with matching large soldier's (due) 10, docketing of "(Corpl) TWG Inglet Co C 28th Ga. Regt." on turned cover; inside a CSA 11 tied Berzelia, Geo. cds has been torn off - addressed to Inglet in Charleston Cear (sic) Capt Crawford 28 Regt Ga Vol., fresh, double pencil slash of unknown derivation, Very Fine. T. W. G. Inglett of Comp C 28th Ga Inf survived the war, although he was grievously wounded. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 160


CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 10 cds with [due] 10 from “W. (O.) Satterfield. Co. H. P(almetto) G(u)a(rds) Regt” This was Whites Battalion. Co. H (Palmetto Brigade); he was also in Co. “K” of the 26th SC Infantry. Addressed to “Mrs. Henrietta Wilson, Greenville, So. Ca.”

$ 125


South Carolina Soldier’s DUE 10, no town postmark, docketed “From Capt. J. C. Winsmith, Co ‘H’ 1st S.C.V.” to “Dr. J. Winsmith, Glenn Springs P.O., Spartanburg Dist, So. Ca.” on blue commercially made envelope. Capt. Winsmith was wounded at Sharpsburg 9-16-62 and again at Fort Harrison in 1864, but did survive the war and continued his career as a lawyer. He was appointed to brigadier general of state militia in South Carolina in 1865 and served for one year.

$ 130


COLUMBIA / S.C. // OCT / 23 blue cds with matching large handstamped (due) 10 on clean homemade cover to “Mrs. W.H. Felker, Cross Anchor, S.C.” with soldier’s endorsement “from private W.H. Felker 18 Regt So Cav”. Wiley H. Felker was a private in Co E of the 18th SC Infantry.

$ 200


SC DUE 10 with matching indistinct cds on cover to “Mrs. Daniel Crawford, Columbia, S.C.”; also red crayon “Due”, great endorsement of “D.H. Crawford Signal Corps Longstreets Army Corps”, Very Fine $200.

Captain Daniel H. Crawford, A.Q.M.  (Assistant Quarter Master) covers are addressed as him having served in McLaw's Division in 1863, and later Longstreet's Division. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 200


CHARLESTON / S. C. // JAN 12 cds and large soldier’s (due) 10 on homemade cover addressed in peacock blue ink and endorsed by “W.O. Satterfield, Whites Bat. Co. H” (Palmetto Company). He was also in Co. “K” of the 26th SC Infantry $125.

William Satterfield was shown as both 15th SC Heavy Artillery Battalion and in Company K 16th SC and Palmetto Light Artillery. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 125


CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUN / 25 cds with ms pencil “Due” an bold large “10” on cover to Capt. D. H. Hamilton, Columbia, So. Ca. from another soldier endorsed “Soldiers Letter JMH MA” (Marian Artillery). $150.

Daniel Hayward Hamilton, Sr. commanded the First South Carolina and had two sons in service with him - D. H. Hamilton, Jr. and James Hamilton. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 150


GEORGETOWN / S.C. // 14 (month missing) with matching [Due] 10 with ms “Soldier’s letter, J. H. P., Co A 21st Ga Batt. Cavalry” on cover to Mr. A. Prontaut, Augusta, Geo. [SC] [GA] $160.

John Henry (Jean Henri Prontante) Prontaut (1842-1898) was in Co. A of the 21st Georgia Cavalry, the 7th Georgia Cavalry as well as Co. B, 1st Georgia Bn. Loc. Def. Infantry. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 160


LAUREN’S C.H. / S.C. // APR / 30 cds with matching PAID 5 on neat cover to Mr. T. H. Culbertson, Adams Run, Company C, James Battalion in cear (sic) of Capt. Shumate. $200.

$ 200


POCOTALIGO / S.C. // 20 / JUL small dc with matching handstamped paid oval PAID / 10 on homemade cover to Mrs. Mary E. Banks, Hazelwood, Chester Dist., S. Co.; light staining at left. $220.

$ 220


BENNETTSVILLE / S.C. // OCT / 29 [1864] neat cds with matching PAID (no rate), CC Type B, on long folded letter written on ledger page, addressed to James Tupper Esq, Auditor General, Columbia, S.C. Letter discussing Soldier’s Board Relief for Marlborough District. $200.

$ 200


ADAM’S RUN / S.C. cds with ms Dec 13, matching handstamped PAID (no rate), CC Type A, on adversity cover fashioned from Board Commissioners of Free Schools to the Citizens of Charleston presented July 5, 1858 program announcement, addressed to D. J. Wilkinson, Columbia, So Ca with routing Jannies Hotel. Vertical file fold at center, side flaps missing and top / bottom flaps reattached with acid-free document preservation tape. $140.

$ 140


CHERAW / S.C. // JUN / 20 [1861] cds with matching 5 PAID, CC Type B, addressed to W. F. B. Haynesworth Esqr, Sumter, So Ca on stained cover, rounded corner at upper right and flap faults; original business enclosure on blue bank letterhead from cashier John F. Matheson requesting a credit reference on W. J. McLeod of Lynchburg. $100.

$ 100


CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 8 / 1861 bold cds with PAID 5 in circle on stampless cover with printed address to Messrs. P. A. MoÏse & Co. New York which was crossed out prior to use and addressed to Giles J. Patterson Esq, Chester S.C., docketed at left, missing most of top flap which shows part of ad embossing for grocer, light horizontal file fold, Very Fine double-rate use. Note on the back says the handwriting is that of S.C. Governor Allston. $250.

$ 250


CHARLESTON / S.C. // NOV / 17 / 1861 bold cds with PAID 10 in circle on lengthy folded business letter to Mr. Tristan Tupper Jr, Pattersonville, Lousa. Letter says, in part, “The presence of the Enemy occupying the Sea Islands near Broad River and feared he may approach Savh or Charleston before long. We think it would be best for you to accompany or follow any shipment you have encouraged so as to retain or dispose of them at Memphis or on the line of Road as Miss seems most advisable, as hinted before, Richd and self are busy getting off Rice for Mobile, to 3 or 4 houses there who have sent friends – we have refused to received funds or order for any more.” Much more. $250.

$ 250


CHARLESTON / S.C. // NOV / 19 / 1861 bold cds with PAID 5 in circle on small blue cover to Sallie Davis, Honea Path, S.C., Ex Wm. A. Fox. $200.

$ 200


CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 14 double circle with [DUE] 2, CSA Catalog type H, on cover endorsed “Soldier’s letter I. L. Sheppard, Mounted Gaurds” (sic – also known as the Charleston Light Dragoons or Rutledge Rangers) to T. C. Sheppard Care of Messrs Reeder & DeSaussure, Charleston. Slightly reduced at right and small piece added at lower right. Ex Kohn. SCARCE DROP RATE. $500.

$ 500


CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 19 / 1861 cds with [DUE] 2, CSA Catalog type H, on cover endorsed “Official & Medical Purveyors Bureau” to Lieut. R. Dewar Bacot, Phoenix Rifles. SCARCE DROP RATE. Robert Dewar Bacot (1821-1903) was an officer in Co. A, Confederate 14th Cavalry, antebellum a Charleston businessman and slave holder and President of the Phoenix Fire Co. Family papers in the SC Historical Society. Much more information is available on the linked page. $600.

$ 600


SPARTANBURG / S.C. // APR / 26 / 1862 double circle postmark with matching PAID 5, CSA Catalog type C, to Mrs. S. F. Patterson, Patterson, No Carolina; Very Fine. Ex Walcott and Littlejohn. $150.

$ 150


WILLIAMSTON / S.C. // NOV 1_ [1861] small cds with matching PAID 5, CSA Catalog type B on folded business letter on blue lined paper from Jas. E. Pickel to W. N. Allison, Statesville, N.C. Ex Kohn, CCV $250. $180.

$ 180


YORKVILLE / S.C. // OCT / 16 [1861] cds on back of small stampless commercially made cover with matching PAID 5, CC type B, addressed to “James H. Quinn, Corprel, Compiny B, 5the Regment S.C.V. Tubor Hall post ofice, Virginia, Va. Near Jarmintown” (“great” spelling…) Military records reveal no more other than promotion to the rank of Sergeant in 3rd Division, 1st Corps, Dept. Northern Virginia. Company reorganized and Co B became Co F April 1862. Bit of cover erosion at bottom, not very noticeable, open 3 sides to display, Ex Kohn. $200.

$ 200


CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAR / 4 / 186[2] neat cds with matching PAID 2 handstamp (CSA type C) on gray part-printed St. Andrews Society circular to J. B. Campbell, Esq., Charleston; tiny erosion hole, fresh and Very Fine drop letter use. $450.

James Baxter Campbell (1808-1883) was a Charleston attorney, businessman and politician. A Unionist, he served as a confidential agent and correspondent in Washington, DC, for the Union.

Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 450


WALHALLA / S.C. / FEB / 15 [1862] cds with matching PAID 5 (CSA Catalog type A, CV $200) on stampless folded letter to “ J.E. Hagood, Esq., Pickens CH. So Ca”; letter from A. S. Norman asks if Hagood would rent his house to use the lower story for a schoolroom and the upper half for the Lodge, back flap sealed with red wax, Very Fine, ex Kaplan. James Earle Hagood was in the mercantile business and Clerk of Circuit Court during the War, frequently called upon to perform services for soldiers away in the army and their families. $200.

$ 200


CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 1 / 186_ bold clear cds – this postmark without last digit was used 1862-65. Based on the movements of the 51st Georgia Regiment, this would have been 1862 which makes it the FIRST DAY of the UNIVERSAL RATE. It is endorsed by Private I. G. Nobles, 51 Rigement Ga Vols [Army Northern Virginia] on cover to James a. Nobles, Georgetown, Ga. with manuscript “Due 20”. CCV $200 without regard to the important date. The 51st Georgia participated in the Battle of Secessionville (or First Battle of James Island) in June 1862. $850.

$ 850


ROBERTVILLE / S.C. // JULY / 30 cds with bold matching PAID 10 (CC type C) on stampless cover to “Mr. John W. Heidt, Box 420, Savannah, Georgia.” Cover very slightly reduced at bottom. CCV $250.  $180.

John W. Heidt was the son of Rev. Emanuel Heidt of Effingham, Ga.; born 1841; graduate, Emory College, 1859; law-graduate, University of Georgia, 186l; practiced law but gave it up for the Methodist ministry; many years a revered trustee of Wesleyan Female College as well as its president.

$ 180


COLUMBIA / S.C. // JUL / 18 bold neat cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA Catalog type M, CCV $200) on homemade cover to J. N. McElever Jr, Taylor’s Creek, S.C. $200.

$ 200


Adams Run SC / March 6 [1862] / Paid 5” all in manuscript (CCV $125) on cover to A. B. Springs, Fort Mill, SC, with an interesting letter enclosed from Sergeant A. M. Kee letting Springs know how much property to pay tax on for him, “It is as follow viz 4 negroes and 364 Acres of Land and I have about $300 of notes on interests. The above is what I have in York District. I have 56 Acres of Land in Lancaster…we are getting along finely down here in the swamps…more oysters than you could shake a stick at…I aint a good Horse Master but my horse looks as well as any of them and I have not time to take the right kind of care of him, for our Capt. has appointed me Orderly Seargeant (Pro Tem) and it seems to me like I have a big share to do…some sickness in our Company...measles…we are expecting a fight soon with the Enemy.” and so forth. A. M. Kee enlisted as 6-1-62 as a 1st Sergeant in Company H, SC 1st Cavalry. Some pieces of letter edge missing. Plantation Collection. $350.

$ 350


BLACK MINGO / S.C. // JAN / 3 cds, beautiful bold strike of this balloon postmark with matching PAID (no rate – CSA Catalog Type A, CV $350) on fresh TURNED COVER to Miss Emelia Henning, Darlington C.H., S.C.; inside franked with CSA 11c, 10¢ bluish green tied somewhat blurry DARLINGTON C.H. / S.C. cds Miss Eliza Greene, Black Mingo, SC; sealed flap tears. A Beauty! $450.

Listed in both CSA 11, Section 3, and South Carolina Stampless

$ 450


POMARIA / S.C. // Sept 30 (1861—date in pen) RED fancy cds with matching PAID 5 (CSA catalog type A, CV $250) on TURNED COVER to Henry Summer, Newberry, SC; inside use RICHMOND / Va. // SEP / 2 cds with matching DUE 10 to Wm. Summer, Pomaria, S.C., with mandated manuscript endorsement “From Lieut. A. G. Summer, Hammock Guards, 2 Regt Florida Vols.” Open 3 sides with edge defects but excellent markings. Ex Wm. A. Fox and Giana Wayman. $230.

In the Newberry District, only Pomaria and Frog Level had handstamped town, date, rate or paid markings.

Adam G. Summer served in Co. E. 2nd Florida Infantry, Hammock Guards, Finegan’s Brigade, Mahone’s Division, A.P. Hill’s Corps, R.E. Lee’s Army. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 230


COLUMBIA / S.C. // APR / 23 cds with matching PAID 10 on cover to Arthur Huger [Jr.], Marion Artillery, Adams Run, SC, with amusing notation by Huger, “Wedding card of Jack Preston to Celly Huger in Confederate Days. I was at the time in our ‘Camp Bastile’ for some reason known only to Capt. Parker and his Pets.” Flap faults, cover written up in Confederate Bulletin, Ex Weatherly, Kohn and Murphy.  $150.

$ 150


CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 23 / 1863 double-circle datestamp with matching [DUE] 10 (CSA catalog type K) on soldier’s cover endorsed “From Capt. R. E. Wheeler of 26th Regt. So. Ca. V.” to Mrs. Margaret E. Wheeler, Black River Post Office, Clarendon District, So. Ca.” slightly reduced at bottom. $140.

Robert E. Wheeler served as a captain commanding Co. H, Regt South Carolina Infantry, Evan’s Brigade, Johnson’s Division, Beauregard’s Corps, Army S.V. & N.C. Much more information is available on the linked page.

$ 140


ADAMS RUN / S.C. // OCT 20 (date in ms) neat cds and matching PAID (no rate) on legal size TURNED COVER with ms “O.B.” at upper right as well as “Chg A.A.G.” at upper left (Assistant Adjutant General). Cover is addressed to Saml J. Hay, Agt & C, Green Pond, S.C. Inside is semi-official imprint of Head Quarters, 2nd Military District, Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Official Business. It is addressed simply to “Hospital.”  Imprint is UNLISTED in current CSA catalog; similar imprint catalog $750. File fold at center and pressed out wrinkles typical of this size envelope, fully exploded to show inside; 1976 letter from former Adam’s Run collector Dan Telep accompanies. LL $200.

Listed in both Imprints-1 and South Carolina Stampless

Samuel J. Hay was a railroad agent for the Charleston and Savannah Railroad. Much more information on linked page.

$ 200


NEWBERRY C.H. / S.C. // JUL / 28 (1863) CDS with matching PAID X (CC Type D, CV $200) on slightly war-weary cover to W. W. Renwick, Esqr., Lyle’s Ford, U.&S.R.R. (Union and Spartanburg Railroad), S.C. Original short business letter to Renwick from John R. Leavell A.D.C., ms. pencil docketing “Tax receipt” at right edge. $140.  

Lyle’s Ford, originally an Indian Trading Post, was a settlement on the Broad River in the Newberry District of South Carolina. William W. Renwick and John R. Leavell biographical info on linked page.

$ 140

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