Items for Sale - Confederate Patriotic Covers, Section 2


US 26, 3¢ dull red, straddle-pane copy tied by CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 12 / 1861 cds on 7-Star Confederate Flag Patriotic (CC F7-7B, CCV $1,500) to Unionville S.C., missing top flap, Very Fine, ex Calhoun. $1,300.

$ 1,300


CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 1 / 1861 cds with PAID 5 in circle handstamp on 7-Star Confederate Flag Patriotic cover (F7-7B, CCV $1,500) to Miss Emgeline Neighbours, Pendleton S.C., barely reduced at right, some slight wear and soiling, still Very Fine and attractive cover, ex Toaspern, Gallagher, Calhoun and Kilbourne. $800.  

$ 800


RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 31 / 1861 cds with matching PAID / 5 Cts handstamp on small size 10-Star Confederate Flag Patriotic cover (F10-3, CCV $1,000) to Bremo (Bluff) Va. Care of Dr. Charles Cocke, Very Fine. Ex Rosenberg. $1,100.

$ 1,100


YORKTOWN / Va. [MAR 1862] cds with unreadable date, matching PAID 5 on 11-Star Confederate Flag and Verse Patriotic design (F11-17, Verse 5, CCV $1,500), original letter datelined Yorktown March 31, 1862, some wear and damp staining, missing back flap, letter with edge splits, otherwise Fine. $700.

$ 700


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green tied light TUDOR HALL / VA. cds on Cannon and 12-star flag patriotic (CSA catalog CN-3, slogan 45, verse 39, CV $1,500 for design with common stamp, Scott CV CSA 1 on common patriotic $2,500), addressed to Mrs. D. E. Hutchison, Charlotte, N.C., slight staining, Ex Creighton Hart. $750.

$ 750


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green tied light TUDOR HALL / VA. cds on Cannon and 12-star flag patriotic (CSA catalog CN-3, slogan 45, verse 39, CV $1,500 for design with common stamp, Scott CV CSA 1 on common patriotic $2,500), addressed to Mrs. D. E. Hutchison, Charlotte, N.C., slight staining, Ex Creighton Hart. $750.

$ 650


CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blue, Stone 3 (small faults) tied light GOLDSBOROUGH / N.C. cds on Cannon and 12-star flag patriotic (CSA catalog CN-3, verse 5, Bonitz imprint 17, CV $1,500 for design with common stamp, Scott CV CSA 4a on common patriotic $2,750), addressed to Mrs. M. F. Fields, Tawboro, N.C.  1983 CSA certificate, Ex Northcutt. $850.

$ 850


CENTREVILLE / TEN // JUN / 12 [1861] double strike of UNLISTED GREEN POSTMARK and manuscript “Paid” on 7-star flag patriotic (CSA Catalog 7-5A), to Governor [Isham] Harris, Nashville, Tenn. "Sold at Green & Co's. Book Store Nashville, Tenn." imprint, missing part of back flap, fresh and Very Fine and RARE UNLISTED INDEPENDENT STATE USE after the Confederate postal system had begun operations (Tennessee seceded on June 8 and was admitted to the Confederacy on July 2), Ex Gallagher and Kilbourne. $1,900.

$ 1,900


RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 9 / 1861 cds with PAID / 5Cts. on 7-star flag patriotic cover (CSA Catalog F7-18, CV $1,000) to Mrs. E. R. Miller, Colliers Po. Office, Edgefield, So. Ca., slightly reduced at right with some foxing back and front. $475.

$ 475


STRASBURG / VA cds with manuscript “due 10” on Mounted Dragoons & Verse (CSA Catalog SM-2, CV $1,500) patriotic cover with mandated endorsement “From J. F. Coghill, Co. G, 23rd NC Vols,” addressed to Miss A. E. Coghill, Henderson, N.C., flap opening tears.  $475.

J. F. Coghill served in the 23rd NC Infantry, John’s Brigade, Pegram’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 475


CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA. // SEP / 1861 light blue dcds with matching 5 and PAID handstamps on patriotic cover to Miss Lucy A. Merritt, Brunswick Co[unty], Lawrenceville Va. with 11-Star Confederate Flag design (F11-13, CCV $3,500), slight soiling, otherwise Very Fine, a RARE 11-Star Patriotic design which was created by modifying the 10-Star flag (F10-8) with a star added to the upper right, only a few recorded, one of which has reattached back. Ex Engstler. $1,500.

$ 1,500


TUDOR HALL / VA. cds with curved DUE 10 and magenta manuscript Due 10 on 11-star flag and staff with slogan “Fast Colors…warranted not to run.” (CSA Catalog type F11-9, CV $1,500) Addressed to Dr. A. G. Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia and endorsed From Corp L. L. Thomas, Co F, 8th Georgia Regt. All of address ink reinforced and large repair across most of bottom into the address and cancel. Very presentable example of this scarce design. Tudor Hall was the post office for Manassas. $600.

$ 600


RICHMOND / Va. // NOV / 8 cds with matching DUE 10 on Tent and 11-star flag patriotic (CSA catalog type TF-1, CV $1,250) to Col. James Roberts & Others, Hog Mountain, Ga., endorsed A. K. Richardson, Capt., County Line Invincibles, 35th Regiment Ga Volunteers. Small cover faults and reduced a bit at right. $950.

$ 950


CSA 2-Hb, 10¢ dark blue, Hoyer & Ludwig with huge margins to touched, light diagonal pre-use crease, tied by RICHMOND / VA. // DEC / 2 cds on cover to Iserial (sic - Israel) Prickett Esq., Stockbridge P.O., Henry Co[unty] Ga. with John Bell Three-Quarter Portrait with Flags, Eagle and Shield Campaign design, Raynor imprint, Edw. Everett for Vice President crossed out in pen; cover with some edge wear and slightly clipped corner at top left, Very Fine appearance, Ex Schopp. RARE 1860 JOHN BELL CAMPAIGN COVER USED IN THE CONFEDERACY. $1,900.

John Bell was a prominent politician from Tennessee who ran for president in 1860 as the candidate for the Constitutional Union Party (a third party which took a neutral stance on the issue of slavery), although he was opposed to secession during the antebellum period. Following the Battle of Fort Sumter, he dramatically reversed his position and supported the Confederate cause; his running mate, Edward Everett, was a loyal Union man, which explains why his name was crossed out.

$ 1,900


CSA 4b, 5¢ light  milky blue, Stone 2, (defective) tied by YORKTOWN / VA. // MAY / 1 / 1862 cds on patriotic cover to Mrs. Mary B. Blackford, Box 6, Lynchburg Virginia, with blue Jefferson Davis Medallion, 7-Star Flags and 10-Star Sunburst Patriotic design (CSA catalog type JD-1B); slightly reduced at left not affecting design. Nice juxtaposition of blue Davis stamp next to blue Davis medallion. SCV $2,500 for CSA 4 on a patriotic. $1,800.

Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford (1802-1896) was said to have taught her sons to hate slavery and to love the Union. The Blackford Family Papers 1742-2003 are at UNC. It includes scattered correspondence to her from former slaves in Liberia.

$ 1,800


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green, (slightly in at top, small repair at right), tied by partly clear strike of LAGRANGE / GA. // MAY cds on small patriotic cover (4” x 1 ½”) to Francis McWaters, Oxford, Ga. with Hand-Held 11-Star Confederate Flag and "Fast Colors...warranted not to run" design (F11-9, Slogan 33), tiny tear at left edge, SCV $2,500, 2001 CSA certificate, Ex Schopp. Scarce litho on a patriotic! $1,200.

Francis M. McWaters served in Company E, 41st Georgia Infantry; he enlisted as a private March 4, 1862. He was appointed 4th Sergeant July 13, 1862. Wounded, date and place not given. Died of gangrene in Empire Hospital at Vineville, Macon, Ga., October 27, 1864.

$ 1,200


CSA 2-P, 10¢ light blue Paterson print with clear to ample margins, small faults, tied by blue DUBLIN / VA. // NOV / 6 cds on CAPTURED UNION PATRIOTIC COVER DEPICTING AN EAGLE WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG IN ITS BEAK, to Mrs. Caroline Buchanan, Rural Retreat, Wythe County, Va., slightly reduced at top and faint dampstains, still Very Fine, 1997 CSA certificate, Ex Schopp. $1,900.

$ 1,900


CSA 4, 5¢ blue, said by a prior owner to be Stone 3 but not verified by me, large margins to cut in at right, tied by partial strike of RICHMOND / Va. cds on CAPTURED GENERAL GEORGE B. MCCLELLAN UNION PATRIOTIC to Daniel Setszer, Farmville Va., design with the general's portrait inside a shield with eagle above and "War for the Union" banner in its beak. Stamp is faulty and lifted / reaffixed over a small portion of another stamp to appear complete (really only the edges are affected), Fine appearance, with 1997 CSA certificate, Ex Schopp. $850.

George M. Setszer served in 2nd Corp Company F, 18th Regiment Virginia Infantry and killed at Gettysburg. Much more information on linked page.

$ 850


CSA 4b, 5¢ light milky blue, close to large margins, tied by indistinct strike of ASHLAND / VA. // JUN / 17 [1862] cds on CAPTURED UNION PATRIOTIC COVER depicting an eagle perched on a flag shield, addressed in pencil to Mrs. S. Jane Colston, Raleigh Colston, Esq., Ivy Depot, Va., stamp with slight abrasions and cover with some small edge tears, small part of top back flap trimmed away, with 2001 CSA certificate, Ex Schopp. $950.

Raleigh Thomas Colston (1834-1863) graduated from Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and commanded a regiment in the “Stonewall Brigade” of the 2nd Virginia Infantry as a Lt. Colonel. His mother was Sarah Jane Brockenbrough Colston. He had a short but illustrious military career. He was one of the few fatalities of the Battle of Mine Run at age 29. His cousin was Raleigh Edward Colston (1825-1896), a French-born brigadier general in the Confederate Army. He also graduated from VMI and taught French and military science there following graduation. He served under Longstreet, Jackson and Beauregard. He was the least experienced of Lee’s generals of division and elicited much criticism.

$ 950


CSA 4b, 5¢ dark blue pair tied by bold strikes of RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 12 / 1862 CDS on captured blue Union Patriotic cover of "General McClellan Mounted on Horse," to Miss Bettie A. B. Austin, Big Island, Bedord Co[unty] Va.; edge tears and some paper mending, address strengthened in pencil, ex Murphy and Freeman, Rare. $1,600.

$ 1,600


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue, two singles tied by NOTASULGA / ALA. // JUL / 12 [1862] CDS on diminutive 9-Star Confederate Flag Patriotic design (F9-2B, CCV $4,000), to Miss Mittie ?, Troy, Pike County, Ala.,, Pike County, Ala., reduced bit at left, slight wear, Very Fine  Very few 9-Star designs are known. $3,750.

$ 3,750


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue pair tied by bold RICHM[OND / Va. // AUG / 19 / 1862 CDS on cover to Mrs. S. Addie Thom, McKinley, Alabama, on Hand-Held 11-Star Flag with "Fast Colors... warranted not to run" slogan (F11-9, Slogan 33), bit reduced at right, part of back flap removed; Scarce design, ex Brandon. $1,600.

$ 1,600


RICHMOND / Va. // AUG / 21 / 1861 cds with matching PAID 10 on 11-Star Confederate Flag and Tent (TF-1, imprint 5, CCV $1,250), T. S. Reynolds Atlanta, Ga. imprint. To Miss Carrie Phillips, Hoganville Ga., gently cleaned and minor cosmetic improvements along edges, very slightly reduced at left, ex Kilbourne. $600.

$ 600


CSA 1, 5c Green with full margins, tied by YORKTOWN / Va. CDS with unclear date on Mounted Dragoon, Sword and Verse patriotic (SM-1, Verse 36 and imprint), “For Sale by Alpheus Bolling, Cobb’s Legion, Yorktown Va.” imprint, small repair at lower right, Very Fine appearance, ex Shenfield and Kilbourne. Scarce use of lithograph issue on patriotic. SCV $2,500.  $1,900.

$ 1,900


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green vertical pair (small faults) tied ACCOKEEK / Va. // Nov / 23 / 1861 CDS on Large Mounted Dragoon (Type SM-1) patriotic “Remember Sumpter, Bethel & Manassas” slogan and verse, to W. W. Gardner, Newsite, Ala, bit edge worn with light staining. SCV $2,500 for this lithographed issue on a patriotic. $700.

New Site is located in north-central Tallapoosa County in east-central Alabama. Town history on linked page.

$ 700


CSA 7-Ra, 5¢ dark blue pair on thick local paper (4 margins with small sealed corner tear at lower right) tied Army of Northern Virginia target cancel on charming captured Union patriotic with pro-Union verse crossed out, addressed to Mrs C. Jacobi, Farlington Dist(rict) Timmonsville, So. Ca.; with mandated soldier endorsement of From J. ???, Co. “E” 8 Regt S.C.V. Scarce and colorful captured use, very exhibit-worthy. $1,500.

$ 1,500


SMITHFIELD / Va. // JAN / 30 / (1862), light strike of red CDS with matching PAID and bold V in oval handstamps on cover to Mr. Jacob Byarly (also seen as Byerly, Birely, Birerley and more), Haniheys Creek, Davidson County N.C. with 10-Star Confederate Flag with Streamer and Verse patriotic design (F10-11, Verse 5, CV $1,000), Very Fine and scarce, ex Hall. $700.

$ 700


NORFOLK / Va. // DEC / 12 / 1861, somewhat blurry strike of blue CDS with matching PAID 5 C handstamp on patriotic cover to Mrs. B. T. Chappell, Care of Dr. Jno R. Chappell, Petersburg, Va., with red and blue 11-Star Confederate Flag and Verse Flag design (F11-5, Verse 46 CV $1,500), tiny mended corner faults, appears Very Fine, Scarce patriotic use from Norfolk, which was occupied by federal forces beginning in May 1862. $900.

$ 900


FRANKLIN DEPOT / VA. // OCT / 10, clear strike of blue CDS and ms. “Due 10” up left end on patriotic cover to John McLaurin, Morvin P.O. Anson Co(unty) N.C. with Two Continental Soldiers and "Men of the South, arise, arise" Verse design (SN-1, Verse 25, CV $2,000), W. & J. Bonitz, Goldsboro N.C. imprint, soldier's endorsement at top from “Private D.D. McLaurin, 59th Regt. N.C. Troops,” Very Fine, Scarce patriotic design. $1,100. 

D.D. McLaurin served in Company A, 5th Regiment North Carolina Troops, (4th Cavalry, 59th State Troops). Much more information on linked page.

$ 1,100


CSA 5, 10¢ rose with huge margins to barely clear of frameline at bottom left, cancelled by neat manuscript "X" with matching "Proctors Creek Va. July 13" postmark on patriotic cover to Miss Josephine Phillips, Lumberton N.C., with 12-Star Confederate Flag, Cannon and Verse design (CN-3, Verse 5), W. & J. Bonitz, Goldsboro N.C. imprint at left, faint damp-staining, slightest reduction at right, 2001 CSA certificate 04128, SCV $3,000. $1,250.

$ 1,250


Jefferson Davis Medallion Patriotic, part strike of (?-ville) Ga. circular datestamp (no rate) on cover to Miss Hellen Mercier, Lincolnton PO, Lincoln County, Georgia. Jefferson Davis Medallion, 11-Star Flags, Sunburst and Verse design in blue (JD-1C, Verse 22), slight soiling, Very Fine. $650.

$ 650


Military courier hand-carried 12-star Flag and Cannon patriotic cover (CC CN-1C) with verse, strongly inked Dispatch June 20 at top, addressed to Emanuel Parker Esq., Camden, So Ca, with soldier endorsement of E.W. Parker, S.C. Cavalry at upper left, Very Fine. $400.

Eli Wood Parker served in Company E, SC Holcombe Legion Cavalry, redesignated as Company H, 7th SC Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia. More info on linked page.

$ 400


WARRENTON / N.C. // JUL / 13 cds with matching PAID 10 on fresh Cannon and 12-star flag patriotic (CSA catalog type CN-3, CV $1,500), with Bonitz, Goldsboro, NC, imprint and “Bright Banner of Freedom” verse, to Berya Browning, Westland, N.C., Extremely Fine, Ex Judd and Oswald. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 1, 5¢ green, with 4 margins tied by WARRINGTON / Fla. CDS on cover to Mrs. Laura B. Clanton, Como, Panola County, Mississippi, Care Mrs. Sarah Clanton,” with ms. directive “Via Mobile & Jackson.” "Sailor Nailing 11-star Flag to Pole patriotic sticker affixed at upper left CSA Catalog type ST-4 with CV of $3,500, not tied as almost always. Small tear at left, minor wrinkling and missing part of back flap. This is one of only 3 recorded Warrington covers bearing this label, ex MacBride, Spelman, Briggs, and Doug Baker. $1,200.

$ 1,200


7-Star Waving Confederate Flag patriotic four-page lettersheet, CSA Catalog type F7-28, CV $1,000 as lettersheet, NOT KNOWN ON COVER; datelined June 21/61 from Jennie to her cousin Mollie about her coming wedding and hopes she can attend; also talks about reelections of lieutenants in Captain Dickerson's company, and she hears "of another battle…," (PAGES 2-3) Very Fine. $1,000. Ex Doug Baker.

$ 1,000


“Our Flag” Confederate patriotic sticker (CSA Catalog ST-1), LARGEST KNOWN MULTIPLE (by a long shot) of 120 stickers measuring 13.5” wide by 11” high with sheet margins at right, top and bottom (12 stickers wide and 10 stickers deep), ungummed as originally printed, small faults as expected with an item of this size. My theory is that it was originally a sheet of 150 with 30 stickers removed contemporaneously before this was discovered. The “SC” stands for Southern Congress. At the bottom of every sticker is printed “Published by A. Dapremont, New Orleans, La.” This represents the original printing of these stickers which were produced imperforate before they changed to the die-cut version more familiar to most patriotic sticker collectors. The full story of the printer, artist, and prior history was in the March 2015 issue of The American Stamp Dealer and Collector as well as a slightly different version in the 1st Quarter issue of The Confederate Philatelist (the full issue is included - winner of the best article in the CP for 2015). The only collector (not dealer) to own this was Doug Baker. Used on cover, just one single of this sticker catalogs $2,500 (do the math). An unprecedented opportunity. $7,500.

$ 7,500


CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair (4 margins) tied light RICHMOND / Va. CDS on back flaps of Large Mounted Dragoon patriotic (CSA Catalog SM-1, Verse 5, CCV $1,000 when franked with common stamps), open on 3 sides to display, addressed to Miss Margaret F. Thrower, Lethe P.O., Richmond Co(unty) N.C. These lithographed stamps used on common patriotics are cataloged in Scott at $2,750. $750.

Margaret F. Thrower (1826-1902) had 7 siblings, 5 of whom were male, and may have been corresponding with her or could have been someone else. 

$ 750


CSA 11, 10¢ blue with 4 large margins, tied by violet AUGUSTA GA. // JAN / 9 / (1864) CDS on cover with small 10-Star Confederate Battle Flag with Gold Stars on Crossed Red Stripes (F10-18, CV $5,000), printed on top back flap, to Miss Agnes C. Green, Columbia, Graniteville, S.C., trivial creasing on flap, Very Fine. A rare design that is only known on the flap of a cover; only three are known carried thru the mails (two are noted in the Wishnietsky book). $3,000.

$ 3,000


CSA 1, 5¢ green single with large margins to well in at top where roughly separated prior to use, showing part of adjoining stamp at bottom, tied by SAVANNAH Ga. / Paid // JAN / ? / 1862 circular datestamp on embossed lady's cover with Hand-Held 11-Star Confederate Flag patriotic and "I go to illustrate Georgia -- Bartow" design (F11-9, Slogan 52, CV $1,500) with slogan in red, to Miss Mary A.H. Gay, Decatur Georgia. It has an "At Last" label on the back, some slight soiling, otherwise Very Fine, scarce design, see Confederate Philatelist (No. 242, pp. 72-73) for a biographical sketch of Bartow and the meaning of the phrase "I go to illustrate Georgia." Biography of Mary Ann Harris Gay   A charmer. SCV $2,500 for litho on patriotic. $1,000.

$ 1.000


PETERSBURG / Va. // SEP / 6  blue CDS with matching (due) "10" handstamp on Mounted Dragoons and Verse patriotic (SM-2, Verse 24, CV $1,500), W. & J. Bonitz imprint, to B. Browning, Westland P.O., Halifax Co(unty) N.C., soldier's endorsement “from Private John F. Browning, Co. D, 24th Regt of N.C. Troops,” slightly reduced at top, Scarce design. $1,000.   

John F. Browning was 18 when he enlisted as a private May 15, 1862, at Halifax County, NC in Co. D, 24th NC Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. He was promoted to corporal August 15, 1862, but died November 23, 1862 at Gordonsville Hospital (Va) of “catarrhus.” 

$ 1,000


CSA 1, 5¢ green, not plated but likely Stone 2, with huge margins to just in with a portion of adjoining stamp at bottom, tied by STAUNTON / Va. // MAY / ? / (1862) CDS on captured Union Patriotic cover depicting Mount Vernon, wonderful ornate scene in violet showing the mansion, lady in hoop skirt, cotton bales, tools, sailing ship on the Potomac and other elements, Upham Philadelphia imprint on top flap, addressed to the Mrs. S. A. McCoy, University of Virginia, minor edge wear with flaps reattached, Fine and RARE DESIGN and adversity use, ex Clovis (Ken Schopp), with 2007 CSA certificate. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 5, 10¢ rose (faulty), tied by CHARLESTON / S.C. // NOV / 21 / 1862 double-circle datestamp on illustrated gun cover with awesome red "The Eloquent Persuader" captured Union Patriotic, design with American eagle and deer on the stock, to Miss Bettie Walker, Poplar Plain, Westmoreland County, Va., expertly repaired. RARE adversity use of a captured Union Patriotic to the Northern Neck of Virginia, ex Karrer, with 1979 CSA certificate. A stunner! $2,000.

$ 2,000


CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue vertical pair (faulty) canceled by pen strokes on nice adversity use  of "Soldier's Farewell" captured Union Patriotic with Verse cover to Charles Cabiness, Huntsville Ala, with manuscript postmark of Pulaski Ten., Apl. 20/63, barely reduced at left, some slight wear, a scarce use. $750.

Charles Eugene Cabaniss biography on thumbnail-linked page.

$ 750


CSA 4b, 5¢ light milky blue, vertical pair, canceled by pen and also tied by manuscript "Votes" on patriotic cover to Sheriff Loftin, Davidson County No.Ca. with 10-Star Confederate Flag with blank streamer and Verse design (F10-11, Verse 5), Bonitz imprint; pencil manuscript "Bulls Com(pany) 14 (NC) Regiment" – a possible soldier endorsement but no indication of origin; pair with minor left edge toning not mentioned on 1985 PF certificate, Very Fine. Undoubtedly carried the results of soldier's votes. Ex Ron Tate. SCV $2,500 on patriotic for regular shade. A lovely and scarce use. $1,200.

David Loftin served as Sheriff of Davidson County. More info on linked page.

$ 1,200


CSA 11, 10¢ blue, 4 large to huge margins (light crease), tied by neat RICHMOND / Va. // AUG / 17 / 1863 CDS on cover with blue "Ohio" allegorical patriotic, to Miss Eliza Duval, Erin Shades, Henrico (County) Va., some splitting along edges, top flap replaced, few edge faults, Very Fine appearance, unusual captured patriotic design. $650. 

$ 650


CSA 7, 5¢ blue, 2 singles used with manuscript postmark of “Ruther Glen (Va.) feb 7” on CAPTURED UNION PATRIOTIC showing “Game Cock of Uncle Sam” in red, white and blue with “While I live I’ll crow” at bottom. Addressed to Miss Mary L. McRae Columbia Fluvana (sic) Co. Va. Soldier’s endorsement of - Boots CS Army. Very Showy. $700.

G Boots enlisted as a private on March 6, 1862, Capt. A. E. Bigonon’s Company F, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division Louisiana Militia. The 2nd Infantry was also called the Louisiana Zouaves. It was ordered to Virginia where it was assigned to the Department of the Peninsula; in April, 1862, it totaled 782 men. Only 3 officers and 41 men were surrendered in 1865. It enrolled 1,297 men during the war.

$ 700


CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied on cover by neat blue HILLSBORO / N.C. // APR / 1 cds on cover to Mrs. Jno. Stovall, Oxford, N. Ca., with manuscript directive For the Sassafras Fork Mail. With handwritten poem enclosure on elegant stationery with 7-star flag patriotic sticker applied. A delightful combination of an unusual routing directive with a lovely enclosure. Ex Bleuler and Neil. $1,200. 

The town of Sassafras Fork in Granville County, N.C., was changed to Stovall and incorporated as such in 1889 according to one source (Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina, passed by the General Assembly at its session [1889]) and in 1907 according to another ( Oxford and Stovall are approximately ten miles apart. Stovall is near the southern Virginia border near Clarksville, Va. (13 miles). The John W. Stovall Farm is a historic tobacco farm complex and national historic district located near Stovall. The farmhouse was built between 1835-1860 in two sections. In the 2010 federal census there was a population of 418. John Walker Stovall (1814-1899) was a successful farmer and merchant. He was also a magistrate for 30 years. He married Lucy Barnett Stovall January 7, 1835, and they had 9 children. One of his sons, John T. Stovall, was killed at Spotsylvania. Another son, Joseph B. Stovall, was a physician. After the war, many of his old slaves remained on his farm until death.

$ 1,200


CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair tied neat ORANGE C.H. Va. APR ?0 circular datestamp on 12-star cannon and flag patriotic (CC CN-3, slogan 45, verse 39, CCV for design $1,500, SCV $2,500 for CSA 4 on a patriotic) addressed in peacock blue ink to Miss Hulduh A. Fain Santalucah Gilmer (County) Ga. with 2018 PF certificate 556609 stating genuine, right stamp with diagonal crease at top right and cover repaired at right and back flap (back flap is simply reattached with document tape). $500.

Hulduh Anne Fain (1842-1901) was courted by two different Confederate soldiers during the war and married Murphy Chrisenbury Briant who served in Company D and Company F, 11th Georgia Infantry. 
Much more information on the thumbnail-linked page.

$ 500


New 11-3-22

CSA Catalog type X-1, Overall Star and Bars with 7 stars in a circle and the names of the president and vice president in red bars. Unused. Similar to type F7-1A and F7-1B but with the names in large fancy script and no flagstaff. This design is known hand carried outside the postal system in New Jersey, but the point of origin is unknown and the manufacturer has not been identified. No corresponding Confederate postal use has been documented but there is strong enough circumstantial evidence to warrant a listing in the catalog. $100.

$ 100


New 1-1-23

US 26, 3¢ dull red tied light indistinct small circular datestamp of WILSONVILLE ALA with faint date but is unquestionably an Unlisted Confederate Use of U.S. postage on a RARE 8-STAR FLAG PATRIOTIC. It is CSA Catalog type F8-12, which is shown in black and white in the catalog instead of color. It is quite rare, thus a color image was unavailable to 2012 editors. ONLY TWO RECORDED in Dietz. CCV $5,000. Virginia was the 8th state to join the Confederacy on May 7, 1861. Alabama joined on February 4, 1861, thus this is assuredly a Confederate Use of U.S. postage. Cover has small professional restorations, mostly on back flap; addressed to “Miss Davis, Tutoress at Ladiga, Ala.” On verso, her name and address are shown in the same writing as “Sallie C. Davis, Cross Plains, Ala.” Today Cross Plains is known as Piedmont, which is 85 miles from Wilsonville. RARE AND SHOWY. The topic of a 2023 column in La Posta. Detailed info on Wilsonville, Alabama, on thumbnail-linked linked page. $3,000.

$ 3,000


New 3-1-23

ROME Ga. JUL 9 (1861) circular datestamp with matching PAID 5 (type B) on large tent and 11-star flag patriotic (TF-1, Verse 18 “If on earth we meet no more…,” Imprint 5, T.S .Reynolds, Atlanta, Ga., with SARDIS VOLUNTEERS Slogan 66, CCV $1,250), to Miss Sophia Gidder, Tolberton, Ga, slightly reduced at right and bit of staining on upper left edge. Signed Dietz and Brian Green, Ex Ralph Swap. $750.

$ 750


New 3-1-23

CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue (3 margins) tied WINCHESTER Va. JUL 3 CDS on 11-star extended waving flag patriotic (F-11-5, Verse 46, Imprint 33, CV $1,500) to Mrs. J.C. Granbury Care of C. Crew & Co., Richmond, Va. Ex Ralph Swap. $1,500.

$ 1,500


New 3-1-23

DUBLIN VA NOV 14 (1861) neatly struck blue 26mm circular datestamp with no rate (CC type A, CV $300 on plain cover) on captured Union Patriotic with portrait of Col. J.T. Toland. To Wm. Bourn Sr. Independence Grayson Co(unty) Va. with endorsement of Sergt W.C. Bourn Co K 57th Va. Regt. From the dates of promotions, this had to have been the date. Ex Ralph Swap. $900.

William C. Bourn served in Co. K, 51st Virginia InfantryJohn Toland assisted in organizing and equipping the Thirty-Fourth Ohio regiment. Bios of both men found on the linked page.

$ 900


New 3-1-23

CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish blue (4 large margin) tied Army field cancel on captured Howell’s Poems Union patriotic “Waiting for the Mail,” addressed to Doct. Winsmith, Glenn Springs PO, Spartanburg Dist(rict) So Ca. Top back flap missing, but a real beauty. Ex Ralph Swap. See Fiancé’s Ultimatum: Change Your Name or Farewell! $850.

Dr. John C. Winsmith as captain of Company H, 1st Regiment, S.C. Volunteers. Bio found on linked page.

$ 850


New 3-1-23

US 65, 3¢ rose used with grid of WASHINGTON MO MAY 9 (1861) on scarce Confederate Jefferson Davis medallion patriotic (JD-4, CCV $3,500) to Miss Mollie J. Austin, Carrolton, Missouri, small cover edge faults. QUITE RARE UNION USE OF A CONFEDERATE PATRIOTIC AND A RARE MISSOURI USE TO BOOT. Both are quite difficult to find; Missouri had many Confederate sympathizers, 1995 CSA certificate 02766, Ex Ralph Swap. $4,000.

$ 4,000


New 3-1-23

US 65, 3¢ rose tied BLOOMINGBURG O JAN 7 duplex on Large Mounted Dragoon Confederate patriotic (SM-1 with verse) addressed to Miss (scratched out) Harmony, Clark Co(unty) Ohio; up the left side is written “Secesh Envelope.” Small cover faults but quite RARE UNION USE OF A CONFEDERATE PATRIOTIC. Captured Union patriotics are far more common (but still not all that common). Ex Ralph Swap. $1,000.

$ 1,000

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