Stampless Covers - South Carolina - Section One


ADAMS RUN / S.C . // AUG / 12 PAID (no rate) to "Mrs. J.B. Grimball, Spartanburg, So. Carolina", slightly reduced at top with top back flap missing, Very Fine, Ex Zimmerman.

John Berkley Grimball (1800-1892), The Grimballs were prominent planters and owners of Pinebury and Grove plantations near Charleston, SC. Their well-known correspondence is in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and particularly known to postal historians for blockade-run covers.

$ 150


"Zeno, SC July 12th [1861] Paid 5" all in manuscript on cover to Williams Mills, NC, slightly reduced at right, Scarce and attractive. Rarity 8 on the SC towns scale.

$ 140


GREENVILLE C.H. / S.C., Oct 1 [1861], double circle postmark with inverted date and handstamped "Paid 5", type IA, on immaculate cover to "James Hagood, Esq., CCP, Pickens, S.C.", Very Fine, Ex Wm. A. Fox.

$ 185


Zeno, S.C., Nov 15th (1861), manuscript postmark with matching "Pd 5" rate on small embossed ladies cover to Miss Violet A. Sifford, Catawba Springs, small edge tear at top, Very Fine, town is Rarity 8, Ex Wm. A. Fox.

$ 350


Zeno, S.C., April 17th, manuscript postmark with matching "Paid 10" rate on small buff homemade cover to Killians Mills, N.C., Very Fine, town is Rarity 8.

$ 250


COLUMBIA / S.C. handstamped PAID 10 bold neat strikes in blue on pale green homemade cover to Greenwood, So. Ca., ms “Charge Key Box 75 CW S.C. R.R. A”, signed Dietz on back with part of top back flap missing. 

$ 200


CHARLESTON / S.C. // AUG / 19 / 1861 double circle cancel with handstamped PAID 5 in circle, type III, addressed to “J. E. Hagood, Esq, Pickens C.H., S.C.”  Bio of Col. James Earle Hagood accompanies. Fresh, Very Fine.

$ 180


Green Pond, SC manuscript cancel with matching “Due 10” on small homemade soldier’s cover addressed to "Miss Sue Louisa Reeder, Manning, So. Ca." and “Care W. B. Reeder, Esq.” at lower left with “Soldier’s Letter” endorsement but no name/rank contrary to mandate to do so. Luckily, it is a turned use with a MANNING / SC / SEP / 16 (1862) cds and handstamped PAID10, type I (this alone cats $140 in out of date 1986 New Dietz) addressed to "Mr. William Reeder, Palmetto Guard Artillery, Green Pond, So Ca". The sender endorsed "Care of Capt. Webb”. William Reeder is listed as having served in "A" Co. Wonderful soldier’s turned adversity use with full flaps intact. Ex Sam Zimmerman. $400.

$ 400


GEORGETOWN / S.C. // JUL / 17 / 1861 cds with matching handstamped PAID 10 to Col. A. P. Calhoun, Richmond, Virginia. A[ndrew].P. Calhoun (1812-1865) was the son of the famous pro-slavery Southern statesman John C. Calhoun, whose portrait appears on the Confederate 1¢ Orange CSA 14 stamp. $200.

$ 200


SOCIETY HILL / S.C. // JAN // 11 [1862] cds with matching PAID / 5 (ms.) (type A, CV $200) on folded letter to Messrs F&H Fries, Salem, N.C. with a request from C. Coker & Brother to said textile firm for more yardage and enclosed a check for $2,005. The Coker general store was established in 1828 by Caleb Coker, Jr. and Eli Gregg, the latter leaving in 1839. Photo of the store included along with more info. Ex Kathleen Staples. $200.

Information on F&H Fries Cotton and Woolen Mills on linked page.

$ 200


MANNING S.C. MAR 6 circular datestamp with matching PAID. 10 (CC type A, CV $250) on homemade cover made of thick paper, to Major T.B. Fraser, Sumter, S.C. with clipped letter heading “Manning SC March 5th 1864.” $150.

Thomas Boone Fraser Sr. served in the Confederate Quartermaster’s Department, 9th South Carolina Brigade, Longstreet’s Division, Potomac District of the Army of Northern VirginiaMore information on thumbnail-linked page.

$ 150

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