Items for Sale - CSA 12, 10¢ Blue Intaglio - Type II on Cover - Section Three


CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green  (4 large even margins) tied GREENVILLE C.H. / S.C. // MAR / 8 [1864] double circle cancel on clean homemade cover to Hon. Edward Frost, Charleston, SC.; flap tears. $150.

$ 150


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (called opaline by many old-school students), slight rumpling of stamp which has huge margins at right and top, tied by CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 24 cds on clean cover to William Birnie Esq, Greenville So Ca.; slightly reduced at left.  $200.

$ 200


FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12, 10¢ blue approaching milky shade with partial imprint at bottom, tied RICHMOND / VA // AUG / 16 cds on narrow commercially made cover to Oliver H. Middleton, Esq, Columbia, South Carolina with “per Flag of Truce” endorsement at lower left. $450.


Oliver Hering Middleton (1798-1892) was born at Clifton, Gloucestershire, England; educated at South Carolina College; entered U. S. Naval Academy but resigned and retired to his estates and the life of an opulent planter on Edisto Island, Charleston. His son was part of the Charleston Light Dragoons and mortally wounded at Cold Harbor May 30, 1864.

$ 450


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied small blue CONCORD / N.C. // OCT / 11 cds at lower left of cover to Miss Sarah K. A. Carrigan, Mill Hill, N.C. with second address or perhaps from William F. Carrigan, Salisbury Rowan Co NC 2nd Regt of Sen[ior] Reserves Co. F.  $150.

$ 150


CSA 12, 10¢ blue with four large margins all around tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 21 / 1863 double circle datestamps on adversity cover fashioned from a dower claim release, bit of staining at left, to R. H. Bennett, Wadesborough, N.C.  Ex Oswald  $300.

$ 300


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (called opaline by old-time students) TWO singles, one inverted to the other, tied by WYTHEVILLE / VA cds on cover to Miss A. J. Branch, Oakville, Va.; bottom part of top flap cut off. Nice double rate.  $225.

$ 225


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied DANVILLE / VA. // NOV / 25 cds on turned cover to George D. Wise Esq., Care of Gen. H[enry] A. Wise, Charleston, South Carolina. Inside use franked with CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied bold neat CHARLESTON / S.C. // SEP / 17 cds and addressed to Mrs. George Wise at Pittsylvania C.H., Virginia. A wonderful double franking.  Forthcoming subject of  my column “The Confederate Post” in The American Stamp Dealer & Collector. $350.


George Wise was a nephew of General Henry A. Wise (1806-1876); George served as a captain during the war, was a lawyer by trade and served as Virginia Commonwealth Attorney. Much more information on linked page.

$ 350


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied Army of Northern Virginia field target cancel on adversity cover fashioned from military disability discharge form, addressed to Mrs. A. C. Hopkins, Paineville, Amelia Co., Va. $425.


Abner Crump Hopkins (1835-1911) was Chaplain of the 2nd Va Regiment, Genl Paxton’s Brigade in Genl T. J. Jackson’s Army of the Valley of Va.
Much more information on linked page.

$ 425


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (still called opaline by old time students) tied beautifully struck  SUMTER / S.C. // NOV / 24 cds on adversity cover fashioned from illustrated bank check, addressed to Rev. J. L. Brooks, Hamburg, S.C.  $400.

$ 400


CSA 12, 10¢ blue with 4 ample to large margins, tied beautiful clean strike of EUFALA / Ala. // JUN / 5 on cover to Mrs. E. A. Hill, Athens, Georgia; tiny edge tear at top and part of back flap missing. $125.

$ 125


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue tied by Army Northern Virginia field cancel on cover to Mrs. H. L. Harveston, Graniteville, S.C.; small edge tear at left. Only one soldier by the name of Harveston listed in military records so initial assumed was that this was from Private Celron Harveston, Co. F, 7th SC Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. However, I also found Seaborn Harveston listed in the same company. More research should be done to unravel the trail. $120.

$ 120


CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ milky blue (some students called opaline), 3 margins, used with manuscript cancel of Ivor Va Aug 17th on homemade cover to Thomas F. Knox, Fredericksburg, Va; part of back flap missing. Scarce small town cancel. In census of 200, there were only 320 people. It is in Southampton County. Thomas F. Knox was a Fredericksburg merchant who ran a local shipping company, as well as a grist mill. $100.

$ 100


CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ milky blue (some students called opaline), 4 margins, tied almost discernible double circle cancel (someone will tag it) on pristine homemade cover to Miss F. M. Espey, Dirt Town, Georgia. $150.

$ 150


CSA 11, 10¢ blue vertical pair (small margin faults) tied perfect strike of CHERAW / S.C. // OCT / 27 double circle postmark on full legal size cover to W. F. B. Haynsworth, Com. In Equity, Sumter, S.C. which has been folded at left to normal size cover. Overweight with legal contents. $220.


William Francis Baker Haynsworth (1824-1905) was an attorney, judge advocate and prominent citizen of Sumter. Much more information on linked page.

$ 220


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (also called opaline by some students) tied red CHESTER C.H. / S.C. double circle postmark on small commercially made cover to Miss R. H. Fraser, Bishopville, So Ca; Lovely little cover. $300.

$ 300


CSA 12, 10¢ blue, strip of three, four margins, tied by two strikes of CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 2 / 186_ cds on 1864 legal size homemade TURNED COVER to Mrs. H. M. Haug, Care Mr. F. W. Ford, Florence So. Ca., inside drop use with 2¢ stamp missing and additional PAID handstamp with blue crayon "8" rating to make up the 10¢ rate to Daniel Ravenel, Jr., Marion Artillery, Charleston, S.C. Daniel was the son of noted botanist Henry W. Ravenel. He also served in Parker’s Company, SC 1st Infantry. $425.

$ 425


CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue tied NEWNAN / Ga. // JAN cds on homemade cover (slightly reduced at top) addressed to Charleston, SC where redirected to Aiken with CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN 10 / 1864 (inverted year slug) dcds and large [DUE] 10, Ex Kohn, McBride, Karrer. $200.

$ 200


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (old time students call opaline) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // AUG / 6 / 186_ cds on commercially made cover with name in red sealing wax on back flaps, red crayon “Due” and large “10” for underweight double weight letter to Miss Minnie Mordecai [care of] Hon. M. C. Mordecai, Columbia, S.C. $180.


Hon. Moses Cohen Mordecai - an importer of fruit, sugar, tobacco, and coffee - was Charleston’s most prominent Jewish citizen in the decades before the Civil War. Much more information on linked page.

$ 180


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ bright blue tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // FEB / 6 / [1865] cds, characteristic of the nearly unreadable postmarks found from the weeks before Charleston fell only a little more than a week late to Union forces. Late use on clean commercially made cover to Mrs. Edgar M. Lazarus, Hon. M. C. Mordecai, Columbia, S. Ca. Ex Welch and Karrer. $220.

Hon. Moses Cohen Mordecai - an importer of fruit, sugar, tobacco, and coffee - was Charleston’s most prominent Jewish citizen in the decades before the Civil War. Much more information on linked page.

$ 220


CSA 11-KB, 10¢ deep blue (4 huge margins) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 26 / 1865 cds on pristine adversity cover fashioned from used ledger sheet, addressed to Mrs. W. H. Franklin, Graniteville So.Ca. “in Care Vaucluse Box.” Vaucluse was a hamlet located not far from Graniteville and had no Confederate post office (Aiken County). It is considered to be the oldest mill village in the state. Late use in the war. Ex Karrer. $300.

$ 300


CSA 12c-KB, 10¢ deep blue (4 large to huge margins) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUN / 4 / 186_ dcds on fresh commercially made cover to Mrs. William L. Kirkland, Camden, S.C. Tear in flap. Ex Karrer. $150.


William L. Kirkland was 32 years old when he enlisted on 20 April 1864 into Co K SC 4th Cavalry. He died of wounds on 28 May 1864 at Hawes’ Shop, VA. Not very lengthy service.

$ 150


CSA 12, 10¢ blue left sheet margin tied by manuscript “Tyner Ten / Jul 16” postmark on cover to H. M. Alford Esq, Co. “G”, 6thTexas Infty, General Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia. Small scrape in tiny portion of address. $280.


Private H. M. Alford was part of Company G of the 6th Texas Infantry, also known as the Travis Rifles. They fought at the Battle of Arkansas Post and Chickamauga, among others.

$ 280


CSA 12, 10¢ blue (nice shade) with unevenly torn margins ranging from close to huge, tied boldly struck BLUE ALBANY / Ga. // NOV / 19 / 1863 cds on homemade cover to L.J.B. Fairchild, Marine Bank, Savannah, Ga, with burgundy ink contents docketing at top. $125.

$ 125


MILITARY COURIER or COURTESY from TEXAS to ARKANSAS: CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 large to just clear margins) tied WASHINGTON / Ark. // FEB / 21 [1864] on cover (slightly reduced at right) to Col. J. R. Pettigrew, Fagan’s Brigade, Camden, Arkansas, with ORIGINAL 2-PAGE LETTER headed “Waco Texas Feb 14 / 64” to “Dear Jim” from “Yell” - Fountain Pitts Yell. He begins by saying “I drop you a line by Israel Pettigrew” who acted either as an official or unofficial courier from Texas to Arkansas where he dropped the letter into the Confederate mail system. Military mail was taken across the river between Arkansas and Texas by express services such as those run by Bernos and Barksdale of the 2nd Arkansas. Such express covers incurred a charge of $1.00 and catalog $3,500 in the CSA Catalog and are very rare. Others were sent by military courier which presumably achieved the same thing without the additional outlay for postage. In his letter, Yell speaks about wanting to keep up on news of his wife, Mattie, in Arkansas. He also says, in part, “There is some excitement here about the Feds landing a force on the Coast – expect a fight every day…saw that Marmaduke had taken Pine Bluff and torn up the Rail Road from Little Rock to White River. Am glad to hear that you are doing something in Arkansas for if they are not driven out of Arkansas we will be starved out in one more year for Texas with her droughts can’t support the Trans Mississippi District…If we succeed and I live through this war (he was killed in action two months later) will leave Texas.” Fabulous use and letter with great provenance of Ex Lemley and Gallagher. Ex Clippert. $1,250.


Fountain Pitts Yell (1834-1864) enlisted 1 July 1862 as Captain in Co. A, 2th Arkansas Infantry and later in reorganized Company S, 26th Arkansas Infantry (also known as Morgan’s Battalion and the 3rd Trans-Mississippi Rifle Regiment).

Israel Delany Pettigrew (1827-1917) served as a private in Company D, 1st Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.

James R. Pettigrew enlisted 1 August 1862 as Captain in Co. K, Arkansas 34th Infantry, Trans-Mississippi Department (also called the 2nd Arkansas). He was subsequently promoted to Major and then Lt. Colonel.

$ 1250


PER COURIER VIA LEWISVILLE, ARKANSAS: CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green, uncanceled on cover to “Mrs. Sadie Armstrong, Washington, Arkansas” and in the same hand, “Care of Col. Jno. R. Eakin” (editor of the Washington Telegraph) with important directive at upper right in different hand, “Per Courier via Lewisville.” In the Washington Telegraph, February 5, 1862, “Rev. B. B. Black, Chaplain of the South Arkansas (McNair's) Regiment, will leave for camp next Monday. Persons desiring to send letters or very small packages to their friends in camp, will please leave them at the drug store of Moore & Smith before 9 o'clock Monday morning.” If the stamp is original to the cover, this would mean it could not have been Black who carried it, but it is likely that Eakin looked for others to transport mail. Regrettably, the upper right corner of both stamp and cover have been poorly restored / stained. Nonetheless, a rare use. Ex Gallagher and Clippert. $350.

Col. John R. Eakin (1822-1885) was editor of the Washington Telegraph, the foremost organ of Confederate propaganda in the southern part of Arkansas and the only editor in the state to continue publication throughout the war and into the Reconstruction period. Much more information on the linked page.

Bartimeus “Bartee” or “Bartie” B. Black enlisted as a Chaplain and was commissioned into Field and Staff of the 4th Arkansas Infantry. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 350


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue, (4 large to huge margins) a shade leaning toward dark milky blue, tied by Army of Northern Virginia field cancel on commercially made cover to Miss Sophia T. Baldwin, Munford Station, Talladega County, Ala, Via Selma. $120.

$ 120


CSA 12-KBd, 10¢ deep blue used with manuscript cancel of Brinkleyville NC / June 7 [1864] on tiny homemade cover (2 3/8” x 3 1/8”) to A. C. Harris, Sassafras Fork, N.C. He was listed in the late 1800s as a physician. Petite charmer to / from small towns. $200.

$ 200


CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ bluish green (ragged margins) tied light AUSTIN / TEX double circle postmark on cover to Col. Ben Allston, Ins[pector] Gen[eral] Trans Miss[issippi] Dept., Shreveport, La. with docketing up left side as Feby 15 ‘65 / Recd March 10 / 65 and marked “Private” at upper left; top back flap missing. LATE WAR USE. $200.


Col. Benjamin Allston served in 4th ALA Infantry, Field & Staff 5th VA Cavalry as Chief of Cavalry,  3rd Brig Tenn. Cavalry and ultimately Inspector General of the Trans-Mississippi DepartmentMuch more information on the linked page.

$ 200


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue, sometimes called opaline (slightly rounded corner UR) tied neat QUINCY / Flor // OCT / 17 [1863] cds on commercially made cover to Mrs. Lamar Cobb, Athens, Geo. $450.

Lamar Cobb was a son of Howell Cobb and served as Aide-de-Camp to his famous father, General Howell Cobb, in  Georgia 16th Infantry. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 450


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ bluish green (4 large to huge margins with light gum stains) used with manuscript cancel of “Macon, Va April 23rd” on clean TURNED COVER to Major Y. T. Randolph, Richmond, Va., with interesting boldly scripted “Free Negroes” at the top and docketing that contents are from W. E. Royall; inside use is CSA 11-AD, 10¢ blue (4 ample to large margins) used with manuscript cancel of “Belmead, Va. April 19, 64” and addressed to Mrs. Mary Susan Royall, Macon Post Office, Powhatan Co., Va. Two very nice uses with small town manuscript postmarks from towns in Powhatan County, Va. Ex Cox. $300.

Belmead is a historic home built in 1845 by (later) Confederate General Philip St. George Cocke, and, in 1897, conveyed to the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People. It opened as St. Emma’s Industrial and Agricultural School for African American Children.

$ 300


Talladega, Ala, 10¢ black with postmaster initials, listed as handstamped provisional #143XU1 but only considered a provisional use when not used. This is a stampless cover (CSA Catalog type E, CV $200) posted with a Nov 17 town postmark on TURNED COVER to Mrs. Hamilton P. Snow, Gainesville, Alabama; inside use bears 3-margin CSA 12 tied bold GAINSVILLE / ALA // NOV / 7 cds and is addressed to Hamilton P. Snow, Camp Buckner, Talladega, Alabama.   $275.

Private Hamilton Post Snow served in Company C, Alabama Camp of Instruction, Talladega. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 275


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue (3 margins) tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. cds on cover to Mess. Fuller Preston & Co., Lexington, Va., bit reduced at left and bit of edge wear. $80.

$ 80


CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ milky blue (also called OPALINE by old time students) right sheet margin, close at left, tied WELDON / JUN / 23 (?) / 1863 cds on homemade cover to Mrs. L. L. Whitaker, Camden, So Ca, with soldier’s letter from son to mother dated June 4th/63 (while same correspondence, letter may not originate with this cover) Camp near Franklin signed T. H. Whitaker saying that he just returned from Weldon (train station) but did not succeed in getting the box, that the agent said he received the bill for it two days before but the box had not arrived. And, “I have to close now as orders have come to be ready with two days’ rations, to march I suppose. The Gunboats are coming up the river again.” There is a Thomas H. Whitaker who was a Sergeant in Co. C, Georgia Terrell Light Artillery and a private T. H. Whitaker in CS Forrest Escort Corps. More research needed. Plantation Collection. $200.

$ 200


CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ bluish green (margins close to huge) tied grids with matching WINNSBOROUGH / S.C. // 19 DEC cds on homemade cover to Miss Sarah Brunt, Richmond, Va. in bold hand/ink; on back flaps is RICHMOND / VA. // DEC / 26 cds and notched ADVERTISED / 2 (CSA Catalog Type U, CV $500) to charge an additional two cents for ADVERTISING IN THE LOCAL PAPER that the addressee had an unclaimed letter. NICE use! $500. Back of Cover, Richmond Advertised 2

$ 500


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue right sheet margin (tiny fault at top) tied by violet AUGUSTA / Ga. cds only used late in the war, on homemade cover to Mrs. A. E. Moore (name crossed out) Greensboro Ga Cear (sic) Capt. [J.B.] Fulton with “SC Smithfield” at top. $180.

$ 180


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue (4 huge balanced margins, tiny surface scrape) tied bold clear CHARLESTON / S.C. // AUG / 23 / 186_ cds on small adversity cover made from a court document, addressed to Miss Harriott Middleton, Care of J. J. P. Smith Esq., Columbia, S.C. A Charmer. $200.

$ 200


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue (tiny faults) tied BLACK PETERSBURG / Va. // FEB / 9 [1865] on fresh homemade cover. The black Petersburg cancel was only used from December 1864 until the end of the war. There were only 2 months left at the time of this use until Lee surrendered. $140.

$ 140


CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue (2 ½ margins) tied neat strike of ARMY / OF / TENN 3-line straightline, CC type ATN-02 (CCV $500) on homemade cover with faded but still legible address panel to Miss Christian Campbell, Knox Hill, West Fla. Scarce Army cancel to a Florida address. $650.

$ 650


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue OVERHEATED PLATE (superb with 4 huge margins) canceled with army grid cancel on homemade cover to Mrs. Mollie F. Dowdy, Lynchburg, Virginia Care of Mrs. R. Hillsman. $130.

$ 130


CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ bluish green (4 large margins) tied bold SNAPPING SHOALS / Geo // SEPT / 29 cds on cover to T. H. Stallsworth, floyds Betalion (sic) Atlanta, Ga. On arrival, FORWARDED to Rome Georgia with addition of Atlanta DUE 10. Often, covers forwarded to a soldier were not assessed the forwarding fee, but that is not the case here; back flap missing and corner mounting edge stains. Floyd’s Battalion was AKA the 10th Georgia Cavalry State Guard, a local unit commanded by Col. John J. Floyd. Stallsworth was a sergeant in Company F. Scarce postmark and forwarding use. Ex Fisher. $250.  Ex Fisher

$ 250


CSA 12c-AD, 10¢ bluish green used with manuscript cancel of Arrington, Va., Nov 2, 1863 on adversity cover fashioned from post office form, addressed to Franklin Davis, Staunton, Va. Davis was a well-known nurseryman. Very Fine. $180.


$ 180


CSA 12, 10¢ blue (vertical crease and roughly torn) tied light HOUSTON / Tex. cds on cover to Mrs. E. Holt, Matagorda, Texas with endorsement “From Army Tennessee.” $90. Elias Holt (sometimes seen with middle initial L, sometimes as C and often with none, sometimes shown as Eli) enlisted at Houston as a private September 7, 1861, and mustered into Company G, 2nd Texas Infantry, (1st Texas Infantry, Moore’s Regiment, Galveston Regiment, Van Dorn Regiment). Taken prisoner and paroled October 9, 1861; captured and paroled by U.S. forces in battles of Iuka and Corinth September and October 1862, AWOL December 1863, arrested at Galveston May 1864, noted as deserted in July 1864 and in another place as captured at Vicksburg July 4, 1863, (typical conflicting military records). Shown in Houston General Hospital December 1861 (debility and typhoid fever). Signed U.S. Oath of Allegiance at Vicksburg July 7, 1863. No further records.

$ 90


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue (3 large margins, roughly separated and with gum stains at upper left) tied nicely struck scarce straightline Goodson [Va.] postmark (CSA catalog type SL-03C with month removed, CCV $1,000) on cover to “Capt. Jas. A. R. Hanks, State Quarter Master, Atlanta, Geo, with endorsement “From A. M. Norris, Capt. & ACS, Wofford’s Brigade.” The Hanks correspondence is well known. Capt. (later Col.) Hanks was Asst. Quartermaster in the 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment.
Andrew M. Norris served in Company B of the Confederate Commissary Department. Ex Van Dyk MacBride and Kohn. $675. Much more information on the types and scarcity of Goodson straightline cancels is found on the linked page.

$ 675


CSA 12c (Archer & Daly) 10¢ greenish blue tied bold OAKS / N.C. // JAN cds on cover to Mrs. Elizabeth Struckhold, Macon, Alabama. Oaks was long considered a college postmark by old-time students because the Bingham School for Boys was located there. $100.

$ 100


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (4 large margins, small edge faults) tied POCOTALIGO  S.C. // JUN / 13 cds on pale green to R. M. Hamilton, Orrs Rifle Reg., Co. D, Greggs Brigade, Richmond, Va. This is the inside use of a TURNED COVER. Outside use is ORANGE C.H. / VA // SEP cds and matching DUE 10 (in arc) to Miss Margaret L. Hamilton, Five Forks P.O., Anderson Dist., South Carolina, with mandated soldier endorsement up left side. $250.

$ 250


CSA 12, 10¢ light blue (small faults) used with manuscript cancel on soldier’s cover to Jno. R. Wallace, Serg. Maj., 38th N.C. Troops, Seales Brigade, Wilcox Division, A.N.V. Light docketing up left side [from] D. H. Wallace. Late use, probably in 1865 as Wallace was promoted to sergeant major December 14, 1864. $100.

John Robeson Wallace served in Company A, NC 43rd well as Field & Staff, NC 38th Infantry. More information on the linked page.

$ 100


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (4 margins) tied QUINCY / Flor. // JUL / 13 on cover to Miss Clara Barrow, Care Col. D. C. Barrow, Athens, Georgia. Backstamped H[enry] C. Gibson. $280.

Col. David Crenshaw Barrow, Sr. (1815-1899) was a planter in Athens, Georgia. He son of the same name (Jr.) served in the 3rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion (State Guards) and later became Chancellor of University of Georgia.  Clara was his daughter. The family was well educated and affluent. Daughter Lucy married into the Cobb family.

$ 280


CSA 12, 10¢ blue (irregularly separated) tied light HUNTSVILLE / TEX // JAN / 6 [1864] on pristine folded letter and depositary note on watermarked paper to prominent attorney W. P. Ballinger, Esq., Houston, Texas, from C. S. Depositary’s Office signed John S. Besser, Depositary. Ex King. $380.

William Pitt Ballinger and John Slater Besser bios on linked page.

$ 380


CSA 12e, 10¢ bluish green tied neat SELMA / Ala. // NOV / 22 cds on cover to Mess. Simpson & Moore, Socapatoy, Alabama. Manuscript docketing at top “O.B.” (Official Business) and initials “W.M.G.” Ex Kathleen Staples. $140.

Simpson & Moore cotton mill info on linked page.

$ 140


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied by CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 27 double-circle datestamp on adversity cover made from printed court order concerning the sale of liquor and prohibiting "negroes and other persons of color," from loitering near liquor stores, to Mrs. Eliza J. Marr, Camden S.C., opened for display, Very Fine. EXCELLENT SLAVE RELATED ADVERSITY USE. $700.

$ 700


CSA 12, 10¢ dark blue (4 large margins) tied at top with grid which, at first, smells like an Army of Northern Virginia field cancel but can’t find a listed one to match up. Addressed to G[ustave] A[dolphus] Myers, Esq, Richmond, Va. with initials “W.C.” at lower left. “Box 321” at top. British envelope is commercially made laid paper with imprint under flap of “Partridge & Cozens, 192, Fleet Street” (British quality stationers) with beautiful blue embossed flap tip “Virtutis Fortuna Comes,” Offset of a circular datestamp on verso as well. Speculation email between Kaufmann and Walske that this could be a hand-carried blockade cover (known Bermuda-run correspondence) but there is no proof. Interesting and attractive mystery cover! $325.

Gustavus Adolphus Myers was considered Richmond's most prominent Jewish citizen. Much more on Myers and the Latin motto are detailed on the linked page.

$ 325


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied LAKE CITY / Fla // MAR / 21 cds on TURNED COVER to Mrs. Martha Jordan, Byron, Georgia; inside use initially from Savannah, Ga. (stamp missing) to Capt. Z.A. Fowler, Co. E, Geo. Vols. in Lake City; small repair at upper right and slight stamp damage. Ex Charles Rice. $350.

$ 350


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied by enhanced CAMDEN / Ark // MAR / 5 cds on small adversity cover made from a letter dated June 28, 1863, from Captain Alvan Reed, CSA Provost Marshal at Galveston TX. Addressed to Mrs. Susan E. Scott, Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. Because of the blockaded Mississippi River in mid-1863, there are fewer uses of the engraved issues recorded from Arkansas than from any other state in the Confederacy. See inside  $850. 

$ 850


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue tied LOUISBURG / N.C. // NOV / 30 cds on TURNED COVER to Lt. Chas. N. Lovelace, Selden’s Battery, Mobile, Ala. Inside use franked with CSA 1, 5¢ green, tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. // DEC / 27 cds; flap separations reinforced with document repair mesh. See outisde open. $375.

$ 375


CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied by light GALVESTON / Tex cds on overpaid drop letter to P.C. Tucker, Esq., W.M. Harmony Lodge No. 6, Galveston City, Galveston Co(unty) Texas. Folded letter hand-carried from Lynchburg, Va. to Galveston nearly one month after Confederate forces surrendered at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. Unusual mail from and to areas of the Confederacy no longer operating a mail service. Galveston was surrendered by Gen. Kirby Smith on June 2. The letter is datelined “Sampson [Masonic] Lodge, No 231, Lynchburg, May 6th.”  The left edge of the letter and part of lodge seal are missing, otherwise Fine and wonderful late use. See inside letter  $800.

$ 800


CSA 12c, left sheet margin 10¢ greenish blue tied 36 ½ mm BALLOON postmark of BRANCHVILLE / S.C. // MAR / 17 CDS on TURNED COVER to Maj. J.E. Rylander, 10th Ga. Battalion, Franklin, Va.; Inside soldier’s use with manuscript “Due 10” from Rylander home to Buena Vista, Georgia. Upper right corner of cover turned back to show soldier docketing. Cover opened 3 sides to display. Nice use. $300.

John Emory Rylander bio on linked page.

$ 300


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue with large to enormous margins on 3 sides, touched at top, tied by very light strike of LAGRANGE / Ga. // Apr / 9 / (1865) circular datestamp on homemade cover to Miss Missouria H. Stokes, Grantville Ga., part of back flap missing, Very Fine and scarce late use likely mailed on the date of General Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House. $650. Listed in both CSAS 12-3 and Miscellaneous-2 sections.

Missouria Horton Stokes was an American social reformer and writer in the temperance movement. Bio on thumbnial-linked page.

$ 650


New 9-22-22

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue Keatinge & Ball printing (4 ample to large margins) tied STAUNTON Va. CDS, LATE USE on adversity cover fashioned from lined paper to Mrs. Susan J. Roberson, Mossingford Va. Charlotte County Virginia. $125.

$ 125


New 9-22-22

CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied CHARLESTON S.C. JUN 11 1864 double-circle datestamp on interesting adversity cover to Col. A.P. Calhoun, Pendleton, So Ca. The form from which the envelope is fashioned is headed EXAMINED AND TURNED with columns for Horses issued, By whom condemned, Date where condemned, Date when turned in, No., and Remarks. I have not made an effort to turn it for display, which I leave to the buyer’s discretion. See back side with flap open. $180.

Andrew Pickens Calhoun was the son of John Calhoun. Biography on linked page.

$ 180


New 9-27-22

CSA 12, 10¢ deep blue tied partial strike RICHMOND VA. circular datestamp on neat commercially-made envelope to Miss Jeanie P. Barron, Care of Dr. John Brown, Charlotte C. House, Virginia; flap faults. This is to the famous maritime Barron family. $100.

Samuel Barron (1809–1888) was a United States, and later Confederate naval officer, acting as a representative in Europe for the Confederacy during the Civil War. More detailed information on linked page.

$ 100


New 9-27-22

CSA 12, 10¢ milky blue (4 large margins) tied PITTSYLVANIA C.H. Va. circular datestamp on commercially-made envelope to George D. Wise Esq. Care Gen. H.A. Wise, Richmond, Va.; docketing Aug 31st 1863. $150.

George Wise detailed information on linked page.

$ 150


New 9-27-22

CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue tied with usual blurry AUGUSTA Ga. SEP 24 circular datestamp on commercially-made envelope to Louis Manigault, Assistant Med. Dept., Macon, Georgia, with penciled “Not in Key Box BB” at top and under back flap “I hope you have gotten my letters.” $125.

Louis Manigault detailed information on linked page.

$ 125


New 9-28-22

CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 huge margins) tied neat CHARLESTON S.C. FEB 10 186- circular datestamp on cover to Aron Renew, Americus Ga. $150.

$ 150


New 9-28-22

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue (4 margins, slight pre-use rumple) on cover to Lt. Col. C.W. Broadfoot, Weldon, N.C. $125.

Charles W. Broadfoot served in Company H (Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry), First Regiment North Carolina Volunteers, as well as Company D, Forty-third Regiment North Carolina Troops and the First Regiment North Carolina Junior Reserves (Seventieth Regiment North Carolina Troops). More detailed information on linked page.

$ 125


New 9-28-22

CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 ample to huge margins) tied neat CHARLESTON S.C. NO 7 186- circular datestamp on small cover to Miss Lizzie A. Shuler St Georges PO So Ca. In Care of Mr. O Shuler Target Club. $125.

$ 125


New 9-28-22

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue tied with partial strike of RICHMOND VA DEC 26 (1864) circular datestamp on cover to Rev. W. M. Reid, Mayesville, S.C. $125.

William Moultrie Reid serve as pastor of Mt Zion Presbyterian Church, Sumter, SC. More detailed information on linked page.

$ 125

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