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CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied scarce rimless FOREST DEPOT / Va cds on wallpaper cover of pale lavender hues, to John Murray Forbes Esq., Care of Hon. A. B. Holladay, Bd of Public Works, Richmond, Va.; Ex Gallagher and B. Green, 1982 P.F. Certificate says “forwarded” but does not appear so to me – simply clarification of messy handwriting, signed Brian Green. $900

John Murray Forbes (1816-1890) owned “Innes Hill”, named after his mother’s family (later named “The Oaks”) in Fauquier County. He practiced law in the Fredericksburg area and was elected to represent Fauquier County in the House of Delegates in 1861. The plantation house is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

$ 900


CSA 11-AD, 10¢ blue tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 11 cds on lovely floral wallpaper in shades of lavender, green and white; addressed to Col. Joseph Glover, Walterboro, So. Ca.; top back flap missing; ex Wm. A. Fox $1,200

The Glovers were a family of very large landowners and owned fabulous homes in Charleston, most of them still standing. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 1,200


CSA 11-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied ANDERSON / C.H. // DEC / 29 on blue and gray wallpaper cover to Charleston. $675

$ 675


CSA 2e, Stone Y, 10¢ light milky blue bottom margin single, ample to huge margins showing portion of adjacent stamp at left, tied by partial RICHMOND / VA. // 1862 cds on brown marbled WALLPAPER COVER made from recycled newsprint, Showy. SCV $1,500. $950.

$ 950


CSA 2-P, 10¢ blue Paterson print (4 large to huge margins) tied neat CLINTON / [no state showing] // NOV / 29 neat balloon cds on burgundy and gray striped leaf wallpaper cover addressed to Mrs. T. C. Faucette, Lenoir, N.C. Light staining and wear. Lithographed issues are very scarce on wallpaper covers. Said by prior owner to be Clinton, SC. I have not researched it. There are towns named Clinton in numerous southern states. SCV $1,500. $950

$ 950


Cuthbert / Ga. // Sep / 5 cds with matching PAID straightline handstamp on blue, gray and white floral wallpaper cover to Mr. John H. Newton, Athens, Ga.; flap missing; docketed as from Wm. C. Hay, Cuthbert, Ga. The 1850 Census shows Newton as owner of 24 slaves and active in the Soldiers Aid Society in Athens. $700.

$ 700


CSA 11, 10¢ blue with huge margins showing parts of adjoining stamps at left, right and bottom, tied by ROME / Ga. // SEP / 3 cds on pretty light blue and white floral wallpaper cover to Mrs. S. A. Leigh, Macon Ga., reduced at right, with original flap reattached and folded over for display, Very Fine. $900.

$ 900


CSA 11, 10¢ blue used with manuscript cancel of “Monticello Ark / Feb 22 –  64” on WALLPAPER COVER to Mrs. Mary. E. Boddie, Camden, Ouachita Co, Ark. Flap torn. Rare Arkansas wallpaper use. Ex Clippert. $900.

Mary Elizabeth (Gildersleeve) Boddie (1824-1900) was married to George Boddie (1821-1882) in 1847 and together they had seven children after moving from Alabama. She was known as “Sis Mollie.” And he as “Brother George.”

$ 900


CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied by unidentified ALA. // MAY / 14 town postmark that an Alabama student will doubtless recognize but of which I am unsure, lightly struck on wallpaper color of gray and cream design, addressed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Faint vertical cover crease and small tear at right edge. SCV $800. $500.

$ 500


CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue local print tied SELMA / ALA // ? / 25 cds on spectacular floral wallpaper cover of purple, red and green; addressed to Miss Jennie Sively, Marion, Ala., with the ADDED BONUS OF BEING PRODUCED FROM RECYCLED NEWSPRINT, quite evident both front and back. Wonderful and unusual use. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish blue (3 margins), tied by blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // JAN cds on blue, chocolate brown and blue- gray floral wallpaper cover to Thos. I. Surtor, Gumtree, So Ca.; small sealed tear at right bottom. Showy design. $850.

$ 850


CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish blue (3 margins), tied by RALEIGH / N.C. double circle datestamp on red, brown and cream wallpaper cover to Hon. Thomas Ruffin, Graham, NC, with the ADDED BONUS OF BEING PRODUCED FROM RECYCLED NEWSPRINT, quite evident both front and back. $1,100.

$ 1,100


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue left sheet margin single tied neat clear FAYETTEVILLE / N.C. // OCT / 6 / 1863 cds on showy geometric wallpaper in shades of blue, white, maroon and dark buff, addressed to James Evans, Starr’s Light [Artillery] Battery, Greenville, N. Carolina. Top back flap missing and bit edge wear. $1,000.

James Evans enlisted as a private and mustered into Co. B, NC 13th Battalion Light Artillery and was listed as Comm. Sergt. 5-1-65, the day he was paroled at Greensboro at war’s end. He also served in Co. B, NC 36th Infantry.

$ 1,000


FLAT ROCK / N.C. // AUG / 26 cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA catalog type D) on flashy wallpaper cover (floral blues, green, orange, taupe, and brown) to Mrs. M. R. Singleton, Wateree, South Carolina. All flaps are exploded, thus can be arranged for display any way you want. Some care more about the markings, some about the wallpaper design. Missing left back flap. Ex Oswald. $1,400.

$ 1,400


CSA 11, 10¢ blue used on geometric pink, taupe and gray wallpaper cover with FLAT ROCK / N.C. // FEB / 13 cds, from the well-known Middleton correspondence, to Miss Susan Middleton Care of Oliver H. Middleton Esq, Columbia, South Carolina. Few small faults not readily visible. $1,200.

Oliver Hering Middleton was a businessman involved in shipping from Charleston and the Middleton plantation correspondence was quite large, notably producing a prolific number of wallpaper covers. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 1,200


CSA 12c (AD), 10¢ greenish blue (tiny paper wrinkle) tied STATESVILLE / N.C. cds on flashy green and white floral / geometric wallpaper cover to Morrison Gaither & Co., Eagle Mills, NC, bit reduced at left. Pretty! Ex Kathleen Staples. $1,150.

$ 1,150


CSA 12, 10¢ greenish blue (AD) with 4 large uneven margins tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. CDS on gray and white patterned wallpaper cover addressed to Mr. W. W. Renwick, Lyles Ford, So Ca, enclosed business letter on adversity paper from R. O’Neale – printed form on one side and business letter expressing difficulty in getting cotton and writers preference to not buy unless delivered to him. Letter dated Columbia Febry 29, 1864 (leap year date), Lovely double adversity use – both cover and letter. Ex Kathleen Staples. $800.

Lyles Ford, originally an Indian Trading Post, was a settlement on the Broad River in the Newberry District of South Carolina. William W. Renwick was master of Orange Hall Plantation at Goshen Hill. His papers are in the South Carolina Library at USC. R. O’Neale was a successful cotton buyer from Columbia. In the destruction of Columbia at the end of the war, he lost 3 warehouses filled with cotton, his store and a residence used for some of his enslaved workers.

$ 800


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (4 big margins, touching at left) tied bold WILMINGTON / N.C. // AUG / 26 [1863] cds on blue, brown and white floral wallpaper cover to J.A. Bitting, Huntsville, NC, with docketing at top “Worth’s letter and Rect (receipt) for money left at Bank Cape Fear with J G Loch / Aug 1863.” Very pretty, Ex Boshwit. $1,300.

$ 1300


CSA 12-KBa, 10¢ bright blue Keatinge & Ball, deep rich color, large to full margins including portion of adjoining stamp at left, tied by HENDERSON / N.C. // SEP / 1 cds on red, green and lilac floral wallpaper cover, to Mrs. Emma L. Speight, town portion of address erased/stain inside and one flap reinforced, Very Fine, a beautiful wallpaper cover with an elaborate design, Ex Kohn and Schopp. $1,800.

Emma Lewis Speight bio on linked page.

$ 1,800


SMITHFIELD / Va. // DEC / 9 / (1864) red CDS on WALLPAPER cover of pale gray, white and blue floral design with manuscript “Paid 10” and addressed to Cpt. George D. Wise, Genl Wise’s Brigade, Chaffins Bluff near Richmond. This is said to be the latest reported Confederate use from Smithfield, to which I cannot attest. Signed Brian M. Green. $450.

Capt. George Douglas Wise was a nephew of Henry Alexander Wise, 33rd governor of Virginia and Confederate General. Much more detailed bio on linked page.

$ 450


Southern Express Co. Savannah Ga. Nov. 9 (1862) red double-circle datestamp with day in manuscript and matching "Paid D/-" express rate (code letter "D" -- other covers from Savannah use the code letter "R") and "$30" contents notation on gray and white wallpaper cover to Mrs. Mary Ann Harden, Athens Georgia, a bit worn as usual, still Fine, WALLPAPER COVERS ARE RARELY SEEN WITH EXPRESS MARKINGS, ex Hahn, illustrated in Special Routes book (p. 199, census no. SOU-39.) $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 2a, 10¢ light blue Paterson printing (3 large to huge margins, touched at bottom) used with pen strokes and lightly struck red SPARTA / Ga. CDS on wallpaper cover to Hon. A.H. Stephens, Croffordville (sic) Georgia with usual secretarial docketing on back flaps showing letter from C. Counsel of Crawford, Ga., was dated December 30, 1862. Wallpaper pattern mostly pale gray, taupe and gold but has a lovely colored rosebud in shades of pink and green on left flap which is not turned because it would cover the address and stamp (could be cut to display but that is up to you), top back flap missing. 1983 PF certificate 0114150. SCV $1,800. $1,200.

$ 1,200


CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue tied CHATTANOOGA / TENN // AUG / 27 / 1863 cds on wallpaper cover of red and blue geometric design, addressed to Miss Lou S. Johnson, Buck Head, Morgan County, Ga. A beauty with lots more potential for turning at your pleasure. The inside is a full design so turning to show most or a little is up to how much of the front you wish to cover up. I leave it to you to decide. $1,400.

$ 1,400


CSA 7-R pair 5¢ dark blue with 3 large margins including part of adjoining stamp at top, just in at right, tied by bold RICHMOND / VA. // APR / 1863 circular datestamp with blank slug for day on exquisite multicolored floral wallpaper cover to Miss Eliza J(ane) Hardman, Stone Mountain, Ga., with original 2-page love note in a simple puzzle format, also a small pressed fern leaf, trivial edge wear and tiny nick at bottom. Rare with the wallpaper design on the outside. (back of cover and second page of letter) $1,800. Listed in both Wallpaper and Miscellaneous-2 sections.

Eliza JANE Hardman Wells and George RILEY Wells biographies on thumbnail-linked page.

$ 1,800


New 3-1-23

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue vertical pair (faults) with neat LITTLE ROCK ARK JUL 11 double-circle datestamp on wallpaper cover to Henry Shibley, Van Buren, Crawford Co Arkansas; repair across left upper cover edge. Dr. Bruce ROBERTS ONLY RECORDS TWO WALLPAPER COVERS USED FROM LITTLE ROCK in his census. He notes that fewer than 160 covers exist with Confederate States adhesive stamps used from within Arkansas and less than 50 on covers addressed to Arkansas. This cover is both to and from Arkansas. Ex Judge Harry Lemley and Ralph Swap. $900. 

William Henry Harrison Shibley served in Company G, 22nd Regiment, Arkansas Infantry. Bio on linked page.

$ 900


New 3-1-23

CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (4 large margins - superb) tied grid and matching FLAT ROCK NC SEPT 29 circular datestamp on pink and gray wallpaper from well-known correspondence to Mrs. William Lowndes, Greenville, S.C. Ex Ralph Swap. $1,000.

$ 1,000


New 3-1-23

CSA 11, 10¢ blue strip of four, uncanceled and without postal markings. Stamps appear absolutely original to the WALLPAPER COVER (gold and white geometric leaf pattern) with period staining tying them to the cover. They were undoubtedly affixed to pay the TRANS-MISSISSIPPI RATE from Louisiana to Richmond, but were more likely carried by military courier. Cover is addressed to Col. H. M. Favrot, Superintendent army records for Louisiana, Richmond, Va. Care of Col. N. N. Galleher, Nachitoches [LA] Col. Galleher was a staff officer and Assistant Adjutant General for the Military Department of Arkansas and West Louisiana. This cover is listed as WS-1 in the 1984 monograph by Richard Krieger on Trans-Mississippi Mails. Ex Richey and Finney.  Listed in both the Wallpaper and Miscellaneous-1 sections. $2,000.

Capt. Henry M. Favrot, was captain of the "Delta Rifles," 4th Louisiana Infantry. Bio on linked page.

$ 2,000

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