Stampless Covers - Texas


BROWNSVILLE / TEX // 23 / MAY with manuscript “Paid 10” on cover to “James W. Cowetz, San Marcos, Hays County Texas”, reduced at left.  $250.

$ 250


“Belmont, T[e]xas Paid 10”, all in manuscript on folded business letter addressed to W. A. Menger, San Antonio, Texas, The letter is headed Belmont 29th August 1863 and written in German. A portion of the top of the letter torn away at top creating a ragged border at the top as well as an archival tape sealed tear down the center. It is docketed as from L. Cahn. A new listing in the CSA Catalog. $150.

William A. Menger: Wilhelm Menger was born in Windecken, Nanau, Hessen, Germany. In his native land, he was a cooper and brewer. He immigrated to America in 1847 and became a U.S. citizen in 1852. In 1855, he established a brewery in San Antonio. In 1868, Menger bought out Naylor's Brewery and now was called "Beer King". Much more biography may be found online at

$ 150


TYLER / TEX // DEC / 7 cds on clean cover with matching handstamped PAID and ms “10” addressed to Sam F. Mosely Esq., Jefferson, Texas with name of J. S. L. Earle (likely sender). Moseley was the Confederate State Depositary at Jefferson. $300.

$ 300


PARIS / TEXAS cds with penciled “Paid 10” on clean cover to P.T. Handy & Co., New Orleans, Lou[isiana], Very Fine.  $200.

$ v


VICTORIA / TEX. // APR 24 cds with matching PAID 5 rating handstamp (CSA type B) on pristine cover to Mrs. E. Blossman, Lavaca, Tex,Very Fine. This was called “brown” by a prior owner. Brown is listed in the CSA Catalog as a legacy listing as the editors had not seen a “true brown” at the time of publication. In my opinion, this is red that has degraded to brown. This is often seen with black ink as well, which also can degrade to brown depending on the composition of the ink. In both cases, the CSA Catalog Value is $500 and this is the classic strike of the period. “Flawless” strikes are generally bogus. $550.

$ 550


SAN ANTONIO TEX // APR / 24 cds with ms. "O.B." and bold PAID 10 in arc, CSA Catalog type E with CCV $500, on fresh cover to the Enrolling Officer, Wilson County, Sutherland Springs, Texas, cover cleverly refolded at edges, Very Fine, Ex Keeling  $325

$ 325


SAN ANTONIO TEX // SEP / 21 cds and bold PAID 10 in arc, CSA Catalog type E with CCV $500, on fresh blue linen-lined “money” envelope addressed to "Maj. S.G. Newton, 3rd Regt. Tex. Vol. Inftry., ‘Genl. Taylor's Command’, ‘Genl. Waterhouse's Brigade’, via Alexandria La.", Very Fine; the recipient would later become mayor of San Antonio. $650. 

Samuel Galitzen Newton (1823-1874) entered Confederate service as a captain of the Bexar County Guards, Co. H. 3rd Texas Infantry. Much more information on linked page.

$ 650


VELASCO / TEX. // DEC / 11 [1863] cds with manuscript “Due 10” in pencil on cover to Mrs. J[unia]. M. Osterhout, Bellville, Texas with endorsement of J. P. Osterhout, Adjt 4th Inf, TST (Texas State Troops). $450.

John Patterson Osterhout (1826-1903) was a lawyer, collecting agent, newspaper editor and owner, officer in the Confederate Army, railroad company president, judge, postmaster, rancher and a store owner. Much more information on linked page.

$ 450


ALTO / TEX // MAR / 4 neat cds with pencil “Paid 10” on cover to John W. Suttle, Esqr, Centerville, Bibb Co., Ala and notation “Fwd in haste” (Forward in haste), bottom back flap missing, Scarce, Ex Kohn. $425.

Judge John W. and Mary (Goodwin) Suttle were early pioneers of Centreville. Much more information on linked page.

$ 425


ALTO / TEX. // MAY / 23 CDS with day in ms. on cover, manuscript “Due 5” on small cover to Mrs. A. A. Brooks, Cameron Texas, with soldier's endorsement of John W. Brooks Private, Capt Furmans Co (D) 1st Reg Carters Command; couple tiny edge tears, scarce town marking. Note on the back that this was the 1932 Dietz listing cover for Alto, Texas – noted in the late Bill Bogg’s handwriting who handled the Dietz collection. $350.

$ 350


Texas cds partially struck off cover with manuscript “due 10” on cover addressed to his sister. Miss Mollie A. Nicholson, Bastrop, Texas with mandated endorsement of [Private] William Nicholson, Terry’s Texas Rangers, Wharton’s Division, Harrison's Brigade 8th Texas Cavalry. See The illustrious Rangers distinguished themselves throughout the war by their skill and willingness to fight. Because of their abilities, and the arms they carried, they were regarded as a "charging regiment," frequently called upon to act as a form of shock troops. Cover a bit roughly opened at left, pencil docketed July 28, 1863. Wonderful piece of postal history. $200

William Nicholson served in the illustrious Terry’s Texas Rangers. Much more information on linked page.

$ 200


SAN ANTONIO Tex // APR / 12 bold neat cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA Catalog type E, CCV $500) on pristine cover to Mrs. Clara Fentress, Belmont, Texas, from her husband, a Confederate physician. Ex Hill and Camina. $375. Dr. David W. Fentress, a Confederate physician from Texas, exchanged letters with his wife Clara Fentress during the Civil War. He served in the Confederate army in Arkansas (1862-1863), Louisiana (1864), and Texas (1862, 1865).

Dr. Fentress served as one of 24 Assistant Surgeons from Texas. More information on linked page.

$ 375


SHELBYVILLE / TEXAS. // OCT 1 cds with inverted month and manuscript “29” date written over “1,” manuscript “Due 10” on neat soldier’s cover to Miss Celestia H. Perry, Jonesville, Harrison County, Texas. Only recorded with manuscript rates. Soldier’s endorsement “From W. W. Perry, Lane’s Regt.” at top, slightly reduced at top and right. $425.

William Wiley Perry served in W. P. Lane Rangers. Much more information on linked page.

$ 425


MARLIN / TEX // 1 Sept [1863] small cds with manuscript “Paid 10,” listed in CSA catalog with asterisk, thus a legacy listing not hitherto seen by the editors, folded LETTER from W. Killebrew to J[osé] San Román, Brownsville, Texas, a well-known cotton broker, regarding shipment and payment for cotton. Scarce use from Falls County, Texas. CCV $500. Ex Kathleen Staples. $500.

José San Román was a merchant, banker and broker in the contraband cotton trade of the Civil War. Detailed on him and Bartlett and Killebrew shown on linked page.

$ 500


SAN ANTONIO / Tex // NOV / 19 [1861] neatly struck green CDS with lovely contrasting red PAID 5 rating (CSA Catalog type C, CV $750), addressed to “C.H. Hutchinson, Uvalde, Texas,” with “Chg Box 111” at upper left, slightest reduction at letter, original business letter enclosed headed San Antonio Nov 15/61 and signed by James Vance in which he says that at that time he does not wish to enter into any new branch of business, “believing that in a short time we will have conquered an honorable peace.” Obviously, that didn’t happen. Ex Camina Collection of Texas Postal History (Siegel, lot 866). $650.

James Vance was a merchant tailor along with brothers William and John, under the name Vance & Brothers, sons of an Irish immigrant. In 1860, James Vance was also president of the board of trustees of San Antonio Female College.

$ 650

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