Items for Sale - Advertising and College Covers


US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching beautifully struck CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 12 /1 861 double circle datestamp on all-over beige CHARLESTON HOTEL advertising cover, wonderful Independent State Use addressed to Mrs. Jno C. McClenaghan, Marion C.H., S.C. SHOWY! $950.

Capt. John Charles McClenaghan is cited for bravery at First Manassas in the Official Records. He was Quarter Master of Co. E, Gregg’s First, 8th SCV, 21 SCV. He died of disease on Morris Island (Charleston Harbor) March15, 1863.

$ 950


US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied LYNCHBURG / Va // MAY / 4 / 1861 cds with blind embossed Grocers & Commission Merchant corner card of M. Hollins & Co. / No. 7 D Main St. / Lynchburg, Va.; addressed to Genl. James Hoge, Dublin, Va. with contents docketing up the left side, slightly reduced at top with back flap missing, horizontal fold across bottom. Ex Thayer. Scarce Independent State Use (only independent for 20 days). CCV $300 without regard to corner card. $325.

General James Hoge was commissioned Brigadier General of the 19th Brigade of Virginia Militia State Troops. Much more information on linked page.

$ 325


US 26, 3¢ dull red tied partial NEW ORLEANS / LA. cds on cover with printed Duncan, Payne & Co., 18 Union Street, New Orleans corner card addressed to Col. John Duncan, Jackson, Miss. with docketing of contents as “L. A. Duncan, N.O. (New Orleans) Jany 8 / 61 J[ackson Jany] 11 / 61 thus received into Independent Mississippi which seceded January 9, 1861. $150.

Col John Duncan personally financed the Duncan Riflemen, a part of the 45th Mississippi Infantry. He was a personal friend of President Jefferson Davis. Much more info on linked page.

$ 150


CSA 1, 5¢ green (gum stains) tied ATLANTA / Ga. // JUN / 28 / 1862 cds partly struck off top of advertising cover with printed corner card of ATLANTA HOTEL / Dr. J. Thompson, Proprietor. Addressed to Miss Ella Randle, Manassas, Ga. Care of T. H. Trippe Esq. The Atlanta Hotel was the largest and best hotel in town at the time and Thompson was known as a genial host. The hotel was destroyed after the Battle of Atlanta. $400.

$ 400


CSA 1, 5¢ green, 2 singles tied by double strike of GREENSBOROUGH / ALA. / JAN / 22 cds on all-over illuminated Southern University of Alabama college cover (CSA Catalog type AL-04, CV $1,250), addressed to “Mr. Wm H. Sanford Care J. W. Stockton, Statesville, N.C.”, professionally mended flap tears which extend to face of cover, Handsome and scarce use. Ex Tate.

$ 1,400


CSA 4, 5¢ blue (tiny edge tear) tied light town postmark used over UNION FEMALE COLLEGE, Eufaula, Ala. fancy printed corner card, CSA Catalog type AL-06 cataloged with a dash for the price (the cover illustrated in the listing), stamp moved aside to show full design; addressed to Mrs. Rebeckker (sic) Patterson, Ft. Browder, Bearbour (sic) County, Ala; slightly reduced at right, lightly cleaned, Scarce design. Fort Browder was home to the Fort Browder Roughs subsequently enrolled as Company D, 15th Alabama Infantry. $1,250.

Fort Browder was home to the Fort Browder Roughs subsequently enrolled as Company D, 15th Alabama Infantry. Much more information on linked page.

$ 1,250


CSA 5, 10¢ rose with 4 large margins, tied by neat strike of KNOXVILLE / TEN. // SEP / 11 cds on back of University of Georgia at Athens embossed college cover, CSA Catalog type GA-15b (CCV $1,000 for use with most common postage, which this is not) to Jefferson Ga., various docketing and pencil notations on front, stamp affected from placement over flap with minor sealed tears and some toning, cover slightly reduced at left and bit of wear, still Fine and very scarce use of 10¢ rose. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue used on cover with grid and matching FARMVILLE / VA // JUN / 5 / 1862 cds on pink illuminated FARMVILLE FEMALE COLLEGE illustrated with a picture of the college and Latin mottoes, addressed to John Kern, Jr. Esq, Richmond, Virginia. CSA Catalog VA-093 (CCV $1,500), light soiling, Very Fine choice use. $950

$ 950


CSA 7 pair with interesting penned “frame” on right stamp, tied RICHMOND / VA. // AUG 28 / 1862 cds on Corner Card Advertising Cover of Richmond Christian Advocate, contemporary doodling on face. A charmer. $550.

$ 550


CSA 8, 2¢ brown red (tiny faults) tied by GREENVILLE / S.C. // JAN / ? cds on unsealed circular with "The Sunday School of South'n Bapt. Convention Greenville S.C." corner card, addressed to T. P. Lidi, Esq. Darlington C.H., S.C.; Scarce, accompanied by 1955 letter from Stanley B. Ashbrook to dealer Raynor Hubbell attesting the authenticity of the cover and opining that it is an 1864 use, ex Kohn, Matz, and Brandon. $2,300.

$ 2,300


CSA 11-AD, 10¢ blue (small faults) pen canceled with matching manuscript Columbia April 23 written over Farmville Female Institute printed college corner card at left (CSA Catalog type VA-10), CV $750); addressed to Miss Lucie White, Care A. Preot (President of the school), Farmville, Virginia, ex Myerson and Morgan. $600.

$ 600


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue bottom imprint single showing “Bank” of Bank Note Engravers tied boldly struck JONESBOROUGH / GA // JUL / 24 [1864] cds on Warnock & Salisbury, Warehouse, Receiving, Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Columbus, Ga. corner card; addressed to Mrs. E. L. Wells, Columbus, Ga; slightly reduced at left, ex Judd. $800.

$ 800


CSA 12, 10¢ blue, four large even margins, tied light GRIFFIN / GA. cds used over Pugh, Bullock & McTyer of Eufaula Ala. printed corner card cover to Miss. E. A. Merrill, Clayton, Ala. Care of B. J. Hoole; cover tears at bottom edge and top flap. $250.

$ 250


CSA 12, 10¢ blue manuscript canceled “Chula Depot, Va. June 9” on all-over pale orange college cover of Richmond Female Institute (CSA Catalog type VA-13, CV $750) to “Charles H. Winston, Esq., Box 219, Charleston, S.C.,” Very Fine. Winston was president of the college. $600.

$ 600


MILLEDGEVILLE / GA. // MAR / 12 cds with matching PAID and 5 rating handstamps, on Compton & Callaway, Family Groceries, Millidgeville (sic) Ga., blue embossed CAMEO CORNER CARD on cover addressed to John B. Lam, Macon Ga., slightly reduced at right. $800.

$ 800


MACON / GA double circle with matching PAID 5 on Wesleyan Female College blue cameo college corner card (CSA Catalog type GA-16b) cover addressed to “James M. Robertson, Esq., Greenville, Ga,” Very Fine $900

$ 900


LEXINGTON / Va. // DEC / 5 [1861] cds with matching PAID 5 used on an all-over gray attorney card card of Greenlee Davidson. These same markings were used both as stampless and postmaster provisional, the latter considered as provisional markings only when unused, under a postally used general issue, or mailed from another town. Top back flap missing, slightly reduced at top and couple tears at upper left; addressed to Mrs. J. D. Davidson Care Mason Matthews, Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co [West] Va. $350.

$ 350


NORFOLK / VA. // JUN / 19 / 1861 blue cds with matching handstamped "PAID" in circle and "5" rate on attractive clean blind embossed merchant corner card cover to “John E. Morecock Esq., Weldon, N.C.”, Very Fine. $350

$ 350


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue on orange #16XU3press-printed provisional entire, bold strike of Charleston S.C. Aug. 24, 1861 cds, sent to David Cleage, Esq., Athens Ga., BANK OF CHARLESTON ADVERTISING OVAL on top back flap, light file folds one of which affects design, ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE OF THE 5¢ CHARLESTON PROVISIONAL ENVELOPE WITH ADVERTISING RETURN CARD. Displays beautifully with flap up. Ex “Walter Carroll” and Creighton Hart. $2,500. Listed in both Provisional and Advertising Cover Sections.

$ 2,500


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1 with mostly large but irregular margins showing large parts of outer frame lines, slightly in where unevenly separated, tied by Charleston S.C., Nov. 5, 1861 cds on J. N. ROBSON COMMISSION MERCHANT'S CORNER CARD cover to Concord N.C.; Fine, a scarce corner card cover, the Calhoun census lists approximately fourteen examples on corner card covers, but many are embossed and do not clearly show the design. $1,500. 

Listed in both Provisional and Advertising 

$ 1,500


Petersburg, Va. 5¢ red #65X1, position 10, tied by blue PETERSBURG / VA. // 5CTS. / NOV / 30 [1861] integral-rate cds on Peebles, Plummer & Co. grocer and commission merchant's blue cameo corner card cover to Wm. Wyatt, Poplar Mount P.O. Va., stamp with pre-use crease at bottom, SCV $2,500 without premium for the corner card. Ex Powell. A beauty! $2,500.

Listed in both Postmasters’ Provisionals and Advertising Covers

$ 2,500


U.S. 3¢ dull red #26 (double perfs at right, small faults) tied grid with matching dc postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAR / 16 / 1861 on all-over green illuminated Eberhard Faber Lead Pencil Manufacturer’s advertising cover, addressed to Annie R. Tuttle, Care Fisher Agnew, Columbia, S.C.; slightly reduced at left and tiny sealed upper left corner tear, Showy Confederate State Use of US Postage. $1,000

$ 1,000


Charleston S.C., 5¢ blue #16X1, large margins to in where separated a bit roughly, uncanceled, neat strike of November 24, 1861, double-circle town cancel on ad cover to B. F. Brown, Esq, Anderson S.C., with J. N. Robson Commission Merchant's oval corner card, stamp with some toning, cover expertly repaired at top, otherwise Fine, perhaps 14 such are recorded in the Calhoun census and several are embossed and difficult to see clearly. Ex Calhoun with his owner backstamp. $500.

J.N. Robson & Son was established in 1839; Robson was a pioneer in introducing Western trade into Charleston. Much more information online from various sources.

Listed in both Provisionals, Section 3, and Advertising

$ 500


US 26, 3¢ dull red (two singles slightly overlapping and with tiniest faults) tied together by CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 21 / 1861 double circle cancel, Independent State Use on ALL-OVER ILLUMINATED WHARTON AND PETSCH CAR WORKS, CHARLESTON, S.C. AD COVER ILLUSTRATING A TRAIN CAR at upper left. A bit reduced at left with stain at center but this is a UNIQUE design, NEWLY DISCOVERED in the Plantation Collection. $9000

Wharton and Petsch Car Works produced rail cars from 1850-18??, according to online sources. Detailed information on linked page.

$ 900


CSA 1-AB, 5¢ olive green, uncanceled but unquestionably belongs according to Hendershott who acquired it with other Kern correspondence. Stamps were usually canceled with a grid and it simply missed this step. Town postmark of FARMVILLE / VA. // DEC / 16 [1861] used on illuminated all-over college cover showing the college, Farmville Female College, CSA Catalog type VA-09e with catalog value of $1,500. Strongly addressed to J. Kern Jr. Capitol House, Richmond, Va., open 2 sides. Ex Littlejohn and Plantation Collection. $1,000.

$ 1,000


CSA 12-KB, 10¢ dark blue (4 margins) used with army field cancel on Howell’s Poems printed envelope “Life’s Labor” with full verse, addressed to Mrs. J. L. Hubard, Curdsville, Va. Large part of flap missing, which extends over the top of the cover. Ex Plantation Collection. $100.

James Lenaeus Hubard served in Virginia 44th Infantry and was Major and Quartermaster for Robertson’s Cavalry. Detailed information on linked page.

$ 100


CSA 11, 10¢ Blue, full to large margins, tied by CULPEPPER C.H. / VA. // 18 / AUG cds on cover with Atlantic & Ohio Telegraph imprint, the "Connecting with all parts of the United States" changed in manuscript to "Confederate", addressed to Mrs. Mary Lew Lackey, Lexington Va., where FORWARDED to Fancy Hill with manuscript "Forwd 10" rate and blue LEXINGTON / VA. // AUG / 21 cds, reduced at left bit into design, rare Confederate telegraph cover, ex Keeling. $850

Listed in both Advertising and CSA 11, Section 3

$ 850


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1 tied by neat Charleston, S.C., Oct. 2, 1861, double circle datestamp on cover to Mrs. A. L. Hershman in Camden, So. Ca., with "Office of the Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, Main Guard House, Charleston S.C." red imprint; left edge of cover restored as well as the stamp, Extremely Fine appearance. One of the two recorded "Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph" imprint covers with the Charleston postmaster's provisional, both from the same correspondence. Ex Calhoun. $4,000

The Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph system history is recounted in detail on the linked page.

Listed in both Provisionals-3 and Advertising

$ 4,000


Mobile, Ala., 5¢ blue #58X2 tied neat town double circle datestamp Aug. 23, 1861, on ad cover with blue cameo of Walker, Mead & Co./Mobile in shape of belt, addressed to Mrs. John J. Walker, Choctaw Agency, Oktilbeeka Cty, Miss., 2002 CSA certificate and 2016 PF certificate noting back flap repair but neither the fact that it is also professionally cleaned and address ink reinforced. Ex Haub. SCV $6,000 for stamp on cover without ad corner card. $2,500.

Listed in both Provisionals-3 and Advertising

$ 2,500


CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue tied SUMTER / S.C. // APR / 4 cds tied over all-over illuminated corner card of Hutson Lee, Brokers, Auctioneers and Commission Agent, Charleston, S.C.; addressed to Mrs. R. H. Stroke at Mrs. Johnsons, Newberry, So Ca. Among other things, Hutson Lee was a slave trader and auctioneer; his business was no longer operating at this date. ONLY 3 OF THIS DESIGN RECORDED. Top back flap missing and couple small sealed tears at top. Stamp moved to the side to display the corner card. Ex Kohn and Wayman. $900

$ 900


US 26, 3¢ dull red with IMPRINT in the left margin (small faults) tied grid with matching CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAR / 13 / 1861 cds on advertising cover with green cameo of Geo. W. Williams & Co., Wholesale Grocers; top back flap missing and bit stained; CSA Use of US Stamps, to Bryce Smith, Greenville, S.C.  $400.

$ 400


US 26, 3¢ dull red with IMPRINT in the left margin (small faults) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 18 / 1861 cds on advertising cover with brown cameo of Geo. W. Williams & Co., Wholesale Grocers; top back flap missing, vertical crease and bit stained; CSA Use of US Stamps, to W. W. Renwick, Pomaria, S.C.  $350.

$ 350


NORFOLK / VA // APR / 22 / 1861 blurry strike of blue double-circle datestamp with matching "FREE" straightline on all-over lithographed Atlantic Hotel illustrated advertising cover to Postmaster Robert Isbell, Stone Wall Mills, Va., William Murphy N.Y. imprint on flap which is torn but intact, minor staining at bottom, Very Fine and scarce Independent State use on an advertising cover; Virginia seceded less than a week before this was mailed. $900

$ 900


FORT DEPOSIT / ALA. // MAY [1861] blurry cds and PAID (no rate). Not so listed in CSA catalog (usually a ms. rate). On fancy letterpress corner card of McPherson & Co. Dry Goods , Fort Deposit, to Mess John T. Hardie & Co, New Orleans. Ad design listed in CSA catalog. $400.

$ 400


CSA 1, 5¢ bright green tied by blue LYNCHBURG / Va. // APR / 12 [1862] cds on Lanford & Anderson, Commission Merchants and Dealers in Lumbers, Laths, Lime, Cement and Calcined Plaster, Near F. B. Beane, Jr. & Sons Foundry, Lynchburg, Va. Most of back flap removed. AD DESIGN NOT LISTED IN CSA CATALOG, THREE LISTED IN BAUM CENSUS. $600.

$ 600


CSA 2-Y, 10¢ light milky blue (4 large even margins), tied neat KNOXVILLE / Ten. // OCT / 10 / 1862 cds on fancy printed Exchange & Deposit Bank, Knoxville, Tenn., to Col. O. P. Temple, Saltville, Virginia. slightly reduced at top and sealed flap tears. $950.

Oliver Perry Temple was a lawyer and a Unionist. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 950


CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied RICHMOND / Va. // FEB / 10 / 1863 cds on all-over green illustrated SPOTTS & HARVEY Grocers & Commission Merchants ad cover to John Shearer, Forks, Va. Slightly reduced at top with part of top back flap missing, Ex Kohn and D.C. Warren. $550.

$ 550


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (2 margins) tied double strikes ATLANTA / Ga. // JUN / 17 [1864] cds on cover with large green embossed illustrated cameo corner card of Dimick & Mix, Dealers in Boots & Shoes, Leather, Lasts, Shoe Pecs & Shoe Findings, Cherokee Block, Peach-Tree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, L.M. Dimick, Albert Mix with tiny “W. Eaves NY” (manufacturer of ad cover). Ad shows 3 varieties of footwear, minor edge wear.  To Ed. Hogshead, Esq., Gainesville Junction, Miss. with soldier endorsement of “Jn. M. Hogshead, Comp. “G”, 15th Regt. Miss. Vol.” At the time of mailing, this was Adam’s Brigade, Loring’s Division, Army of Mississippi. A charming and scarce use from a BRASS BAND musician. $800.

John M. Hogshead served in the Grenada Rifles, Capt. W. S. Statham.  as a MUSICIAN IN THE REGIMENTAL BRASS BAND. Much more information on the linked page.

$ 800


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (3 margins) tied RICHMOND / Va. // MAY / 24 cds on all-over green advertising cover of Harvey, Armistead & Williams, Tobacco Exchange Building, Wholesale Grocers, and Commission Merchants, Virgnia St., Richmond, Va. to Miley C. Wills Esq, Wilmington, Fluvanna County, Va. A Beauty! Ex Dr. D.C. Warren. $450.

$ 450


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied MARIETTA / GEO. // JUL / 20 cds on all-over gray-brown advertising cover of Denmead & Wright, Agents, City Bank of Augusta, Ga. / General Collectors, Marietta, Ga., addressed in bold ink to Saml. May Esq., Agt. Branch Bk. Tenn. at Memphis, Athens, Ga., top back flap missing, bit of light cover soiling and small erosion hole at top right, Showy, Ex Robert W. Werner and Dr. D.C. Warren.  Scarce design. ONLY TWO RECORDED IN BAUM AD CENSUS. $500.

$ 500


Atlanta Ga., 5¢ black provisional entire #6XU2 with bold strike of provisional handstamp and Atlanta Ga. Jul. 24, 1861, cds struck partly off edge of cover to Mes.s Taylor & Kirby, Attys at Law, S---ville, Georgia, on letterpress printed corner card of J. H. Lovejoy Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors, Cigars & Tobacco, Jul. 23 datelined original contents, slightly reduced at left into chain link border of corner card, Fine and rare, only six or seven Atlanta Provisional entires are recorded with corner cards. SCV $1,000 for just the provisional use, disregarding the corner card use. $700.

Listed in both Provisionals-3 and Advertising

$ 700


Raleigh, N.C., 5¢ red entire #68XU1, clear strike of provisional handstamp with blue Raleigh N.C. Ju? 20, 1861, double-circle datestamp on light orange all-over lithographed American Tract Society advertising cover with a New York Nassau Street address, illustration of a dove (contemporaneously crossed out) and “Beautiful Useful Books” inscription, to Thos. W. Thompson, Hotel, N.C.; Very Fine and scarce use, "R.H.W. Co." (Raymond H. Weill) backstamp. Lovely! Ex Oswald. $900.  

Listed in both Provisionals-3 and Advertising

$ 900


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (3 margins) tied weakly struck cds of LYNCHBURG / Va. // ? / 18 cds on letterpress advertising corner card of Citizens Savings Bank at Lynchburg, Va., Established 1834, Deposits paid on Demand, Interest 5 percent per anum for Ninety days and upwards, and Four per cent for a shorter time. Capital Stock Permanent and pledged for Deposits $100,000, Surplus Fund, $5,000. to Asa Holland Esq, Hales Ford, Va. with “O.B.” at top. Scarce ad design. ONLY THREE OF THIS TYPE RECORDED IN BAUM AD CENSUS but this is the only one without a stamp on top of the ad design. Ex Daniel M. Telep and Dr. D.C. Warren. $550.

$ 550


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (3 ½ margins) tied neat RICHMOND / VA. cds on letterpress advertising cover of The Colporters Sunday School and Publications with very lengthy printed messages across the face taking up fully half the cover, addressed to Rev. F. F. Deane, Chaplain Post, Weldon, N.C., TURNED COVER (fully exploded and with envelope faults but none the less flashy and rare. Inside franked with CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue tied WELDON / N.C. cds to Miss Sallie E. Wise, Meth[odist] F[emale] College, Columbia, S.C. Upper left corner can be turned to show both stamps but then covers up a good portion of the rare advertising. ONLY TWO RECORDED IN BAUM AD CENSUS. Ex Conrad Bush and Dr. D.C. Warren. $650.

$ 650


CSA 2-Pa, 10¢ light blue, tied AUGUSTA / Ga. // JAN / 7 cds on cover to Mrs. G. M. Dudley, Americus, Ga, large blue illustrated ad of Planter’s Hotel on verso, large repaired tear through front of exploded cover, slightly reduced at left. $700.

$ 700


CSA 7, 5¢ blue block of 4 tied on cover with blue FRANKLIN DEPOT / VA cds on cover to Mrs. Delia Venable, Care Col. Venable, Oxford, NC with brown advertising cameo of A. S. Shafer & Co., Clothing Bazaar, Petersburg, Va. on back flap, regrettably torn upon opening and tear extending to front of cover. Scarce use of block and ONLY ONE OF FOUR RECORDED CAMEOS. $400.

Abraham Watkins Venable (1799-1876) was a delegate from North Carolina to the Provisional Confederate Congress; and a member of the Confederate House of Representatives, 1862-1864. Much more information on linked page.

$ 400


CSA 7, 5¢ blue vertical pair used with “Chula Depot” manuscript cancel on pale orange overall college cover of Richmond Female Institute (CSA catalog type VA-13, CCV $750) showing college buildings (tiny imprint at LR “Litho. by A. Hoen & Co. Balto”), to “Mrs. Charles H. Winston, Box 219, Charlotte, NC.” $350.

Charles Henry Winston was Superintendent of the Confederate Nitre Bureau, for which he was commissioned a major of cavalry. Much more information on linked page.

$ 350


Adams Express Company, S. Western Division, Augusta, Ga., blue all-over illustrated shaded ad cover showing Street View of Office, addressed to Adams agent “J. P. Hawkins, Esq., Agent, Danville, Va.;” reduced at right, otherwise Very Fine, ex-Knapp, Emerson, Shenfield, Wiseman, Mayo and Hart. $900.

J.P. Hawkins worked for Southern Express from at least 1862 to May 1865. General Orders No. 77 exempted Southern Express employees from conscription. Much more information on linked page.

$ 900


CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 7 / 1861 cds with matching PAID 5 handstamp on gray all-over illuminated ad cover of Chambers, Barnes & Co., General Commission Merchants, Charleston, S.C., to A. B. Springs, Esq., Fort Mills, S.C.; Barnes crossed out in red crayon, original enclosure accompanies concerning difficult in cashing checks from one bank to another; small edge tear, otherwise Very Fine, Ex Littlejohn, Mayo. $550.

Major Andrew Baxter Springs enlisted in the Confederate Army, but because of age he was sent home. Much more information on linked page.

$ 550


CSA 4, 5¢ blue used with FARMVILLE / Va. // MAY / 23 / 1862 cds and grid which barely ties the stamp, on all-over gray illuminated envelope of FARMVILLE Female College (CSA catalog #VA-09c, CCV $1,000) addressed to Mann Valentine, Jr. Richmond, Va., small sealed edge tears and top back flap faults not mentioned on 1977 CSA certificate, Ex Hall. $700.

Mann Satterwhite Valentine, Jr. biographical information on linked page.

$ 700


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied grid with matching FARMVILLE / Va. // MAY / 23 / 1862 cds on all-over illuminated pink Farmville Female College cover (CSA Catalog type VA-09e, CV $1,500) addressed to John Kern, Jr., Treasury Department, Second Auditor’s Office, Richmond, Va. with second two linked crossed out, slightly reduced at right and light soiling. $600.

$ 600


CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue vertical pair (4 margins) tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. // NOV / 16 cds on gray illuminated Smyth, Stone & Banks, Grocers, & Commission Merchants, Petersburg, Va. advertising cover, to Mess. McGee & Williams, Raleigh, N.C., top back flap removed, sealed tear at top and stain spots across top. $400.

$ 400


Hand-carried (likely military courier) illuminated gray advertising cover of Jno. C. Whitner, Dealer in Gold and Exchange, Collector of Notes & Accounts, West Point, Ga.; addressed to Mrs. Howell Cobb, Athens, Georgia, by her husband HOWELL COBB AND THUS AN INDIRECT AUTOGRAPH, top flap removed and tiny sealed tear at upper right. $400.

Howell Cobb (1815-1868) was a founder of the Confederacy who served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress (1861-62), as well as a major general of the Confederate army. His personal history is well-known and illustrious.  Listed in both Advertising and Miscellaneous-2 

$ 400


CSA 1, 5¢ green (small faults) tied TUDOR HALL / Va. // DEC / 22 [1861] cds on pink illuminated advertising cover of John T. Ellis, Merchant, Amherst Court House, Va., to Charles Ellis Esq., Care Thos. & Chls. Ellis, Richmond. Light soiling a tiny bit of edge wear. $500.

John Thomas Ellis helped organize and was elected Captain of the Southern Rights Guard in Amherst County, Company H, 19th Virginia Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. Much more detailed information on linked page.

$ 500


CSA 1c, 5¢ green (small faults) tied blue NASHVILLE / TENN. cds partially struck off edge on gray illuminated advertising cover of TERRASS Brothers, Wholesale Grocers, and Dealers in Fine & Domestic Liquors, Segars, Tobacco, Iron, Nails, etc. No. 7 South Market Street, Nashville, Tenn. to T. A. Warwick, Care of Gould Blakemore & Co., Memphis, Ten. On top back flap is imprint Manuf’d by W. Eaves, 295 Pearl St., N.Y. In pencil on bottom flap is docketed “Genl Putman Oct 16 /64” - likely sender. Possibly Holden Putman of 93rd Illinois Infantry but more research needed. $500.

$ 500


CSA 2-Y (Scott 2e), 10¢ light milky blue, Stone Y (faulty) stamp replacement, unknown cds on orange illuminated college cover of Military College, University Nashville, Tenn. with illustration of the college. NOT LISTED in CSA Catalog. Addressed to Miss Kate Garrett, Gass (sic) Factory, Linc[oln] Co[unty] Ten., with soldier’s endorsement “Lt. Geo. [Washington] Garrett, 1st Tenn. Regt.” (Company K). Running under the stamp is “Care of Mr. Whithington, Layttsville, Tenn.” Edge worn and stamp added, but scarce design. $300.

$ 300


LEXINGTON / Va. // JUN / 3 blue cds with matching “10” on illuminated gray advertising cover with oval corner card of Greenlee Davidson, Attorney at Law, Lexington, Va. Addressed to Greenlee Davidson, Care Gov. Letcher, Richmond, Va. Manuscript “Paid / Ch. Box 33” at lower left. UNLISTED in CSA catalog with this configuration. Ex Oswald.  $550.

Greenlee Davidson served as an Aide de Camp to Confederate Virginia Governor John Letcher with the Virginia state rank of Lt. Col. of Cavalry. More information on linked page.

$ 550


CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 huge margins showing part of adjacent stamp at right, small sealed tear at left) tied 1862 blue COLUMBIA / S.C. on gray illuminated Columbia Female College cover (CSA Catalog SC-03, CV $1,250) with 2001 PSE certificate 50994 stating stamp added, addressed to A. B. Springs, Fort Mills, S.C., Ex Littlejohn and Richard A. Hall. $250.

Andrew Baxter Springs was one of York County’s best known and respected men. He enlisted in the Confederate Army but, because of age, he was sent home. More information on linked page.


$ 250


NORFOLK / VA // JUN / 20 blue double circle datestamp with matching PAID 10 as well as ms. “Pd” / 10 on orange illuminated Atlantic Hotel, Norfolk, Va. A. G. Newton, Proprietor / Late of Newton’s Hotel, Alexandria, Va. with illustration of hotel at left. Rumpled and heavily restored but still attractive; on verso “Made by ‘Wm. Murphy, 438 Canal St., New York.” $200.

$ 200


CSA 4, 5¢ blue lithograph (two singles) tied double strike RICHMOND / Va. // ? / 15 / 1862 cds on orange illuminated Spotts & Harvey, Grocers & Commission Merchants, Richmond, Va. advertising cover to Messrs Carroll Hoy & Co., New Orleans, La. Lower right of cover edge replaced. $250.

$ 250


CSA 5, 10¢ rose used with manuscript cancel on cover to James Harris, 7 Islands, Fluvanna County [Virginia] with blind embossed CORNER CARD of W. D. Tompkins & Bro. / Commission Merchant / Basin Bank. / Richmond, Va. Period agricultural publications show Tompkins adjacent to the Packet Office in Richmond and handling the sale of flour, tobacco, lumber, grain and more. $400.

$ 400


CSA 2, 10¢ light blue left sheet margin, roughly torn at right and added to cover on which it is “tied” blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // OCT / 28 (incorrect date), gray  illuminated Columbia Female College design (CSA Catalog SC-03, CV $1,250) with original April 17, 1862 enclosure of Exchange Bank of Columbia, S.C., from cashier to A. B. Springs, Fort Mills, S.C., Ex Littlejohn. $230.

Andrew Baxter Springs was one of York County’s best known and respected men. More biographical information on linked page.

$ 230


STAUNTON / Va. // DEC / 18 cds with matching PAID and 10 handstamps on attractive overall illustrated ad of renowned nurseryman Franklin Davis, Fruit & Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Shrubbery, etc.  Addressed to John B. Townley, Esq., North Garden, Albemarle County, Va., TURNED COVER with pair of CSA 7, 5¢ blue, tied on flap by CHARLOTTESVILLE / Va. // FEB / 1 / 1864 dcds, addressed to Franklin Davis, Staunton, Virginia; slight edge wear, open 3 sides for display, and missing back flap, Nice Showy Use! Ex Engstler. $1,000.

$ 1,000


Nashville, Tenn., 5¢ violet brown #61X5 (in at right and bottom), tied by blue NASHVILLE / Ten. // SEP / 22 / 1861 cds on "Morgan & Co., Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods" illustrated building corner card cover to Thomas H. Caldwell, Shelbyville Tenn.; large and detailed depiction of the building at 49 Public Square with horses and wagons on street. Stamp has tiny sealed pre-use tear at lower right and cover with small stain at bottom that could easily be cleaned by a professional. Only four advertising covers are recorded bearing singles of Nashville provisionals, as well as two with pairs. Ex Boshwit, DK Collections, and Schopp; 2012 CSA certificate. SCV for stamp on ordinary cover is $4,250. SPECTACULAR RARITY. $4,750.

Hon. Thomas H. Caldwell was a lawyer by profession. He was attorney general and reporter for the State of Tennessee. More info on the linked page. Listed in both Provisionals-2, and Advertising

$ 4,750


CSA 11, 10¢ blue (faint pre-use corner crease and light gum stains) tied by AUGUSTA / Ga. // DEC / 2 cds on brown illustrated cameo corner card of I. P. Girardey, Confectioner, also Importer of Fancy Boxes from Paris, French & German Toys, Spanish Segars, Fruits &c" to W. G. Stringfell[ow], White Pond S.C., design includes a basket and fruit, Calvert imprint, Very Fine, Scarce and desirable cameo corner card, Ex Dr. Brandon (where sold for $2,875) and Schopp. $1,900.

$ 1,900


CSA 1, 5¢ green with large margins to clear at left, tied by clear strike of CHARLESTON / S.C. // FEB / 24 [1862] cds on cover with Geo. W. Williams & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Nos. 1 & 3 Hayne St., Charleston, S.C. dark red embossed cameo corner card, to H. J. Douglas, Bennettsville S.C., inconsequential corner nick at bottom right, Very Fine, Choice, Ex Schopp. $650.

$ 650


GALVESTON / TEX // JAN double-circle datestamp with matching [due] 10 on Texas Land Agency, Huntsville, Walker Co[unty] Texas gray illuminated advertising cover to Charles Vogelsang, Round Top, LaFayette County, Texas, at top is C. Mirhaëlis, Sergeant of Major Willson’s Light Artillery, interesting and attractive design with statement by CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR JAMES CONVERSE describing his services, trivially reduced at right, Very Fine and Showy, Ex Bleuler and Schopp. $2,000.

$ 2,000


"Dyers Store Va., June 1st" manuscript postmark with matching "Paid 10" on overall lithographed Stultz & Burnett, Manufacturers of Choicest Henry County Leaf Tobacco , Dzers Store PO, Virginia, Zephaniah Stultz /  Henry B. Bunett advertising cover with illustration of LARGE TOBACCO LEAF, to Miss Loulie M. Jones, Oak Level Va., W. Eaves N.Y. imprint on flap, Very Fine, a WONDERFUL AND SCARCE TOBACCO DESIGN, Ex Dr. Warren and Schopp. $900.

Zephaniah Stultz (1815-1864) was a successful tobacco manufacturer who built the first brick factory in the county in 1860 near Dyer’s Store. Birth/death dates also seen as 1814-1865. Find A Grave shows him committed to the Western State Hospital in 1863 as suicidal where he died January 1, 1865, from cerebral disease.

$ 900


CSA 1, 5¢ green with 4 ample to full margins, deep shade and sharp impression, tied by bold clear GREENVILLE / Ten. // JAN / 26 / [1862] cds on illuminated ad cover to the Confederate Vice President Hon. Alex.H. Stephens, Richmond, Virginia, with J. H. Rumbough produce and commission merchant, Main Street, Greenville, Tenn. with illustration of building depicting men and a woman in hoop skirt outside the establishment, manuscript "Due 5" paying double-weight letter; back flap removed as usual for the Stephens correspondence, tiny edge tear at top left, still Very Fine. Secretarial docketing on verso states, “M. Kendrick Greenville E. Tennessee Jan. 14th 1862. In reference to the appointment of Mr. Rudler. Wishes to be detached from the Regt. & asks Mr. Stephens to present his application to the Sec. of War with his endorsement & such other statements as he may think it necessary to make. Write him the result.” Ex Gallagher, Freeman, and Schopp, 2014 CSA certificate. A Gem! $2,000.

$ 2,000


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied by TUDOR HALL / VA. // NOV / 7 [1861] cds on illuminated bright pink ad cover of John & George Gibson, Carpenters & Builders, Corner of Cary & Sixth Sts., Richmond, Va., with illustration of buildings, to J. R. Bell, Orange C. House, Va., A. & G. McClement Phila. imprint on back flap, slightly reduced at left, Very Fine, rare and outstanding illustrated advertising design, Ex Tate and Schopp. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins, faint crease at top), tied by blue PETERSBURG Va. /  5CTS / NOV / 12 / [1861] integral-rate cds on gray overall lithographed advertising cover of M. T. & J. Davidson, Leather & Hide Dealers, 28 Old St. Petersburg, Va., to E. H. Barnes, MacFarlands, Lunenburg [County] Va., J. W. Orr & Telfor N.Y. imprint on flap, neatly docketed, expertly sealed cover tear, still Very Fine, Choice advertising cover, Ex Hartmann, Judd, and Schopp. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 2-Hb, 10¢ dark blue, Hoyer & Ludwig with large margins to in, tied by MONTGOMERY / ALA. // JAN / 29 / 1862 cds on illuminated Garrett & Pollard, Montgomery, Ala., advertising cover displaying anvil, plow and long sawblade, to Enoch Ward, Lumberton N.C., stamp with small flaws, otherwise Very Fine, Scarce, and Showy, Ex Brandon (where sold for $2,100) and Schopp. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CSA 11, 10¢ blue with top sheet margin, tied usual blurry strike of red LYNCHBURG / Va. // JAN cds on fancy Citizens Savings Bank Lynchburg Va. printed corner card cover to Mssrs. A. & J. W. Donnan, Atts at Law, Petersburg, Va., light file fold faintly creases stamp in bottom margin, Very Fine, Ex Schopp. $800.

$ 800


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied by RICHMOND / Va. // MAR / 11 / 1862 cds on CAPTURED TEMPERANCE illustrated propaganda cover to Jos. J. Hoyle, Esq, Knob Creek, Cleveland Co[unty] N.C. with "Intemperance is the Curse of the World" slogan. Stamp torn upon opening as often since few wanted to put the stamp over the design on the face, stamp subsequently rejoined and a portion of back cover cut out for display. Spectacular Confederate use of this desirable design. Most Temperance Movement envelopes were used in the North prior to 1861. 2018 PF certificate. $2,750.  LL

Lieut. Joseph J. Hoyle, a school teacher, enlisted at age 24 in Company F, 55th NC Infantry (State Troops) on 5/30/1862. He was promoted Sergt. 11/25/1862 and commissioned 1st Lt. 3/11/1863. He was wounded at Globe Tavern, Va., AKA Second Battle of Weldon Railroad during the Siege of Petersburg, 8/18/1864 and died of his wounds at a Richmond hospital 9/1/1864.

$ 2,750


New Orleans La., 5¢ red brown on bluish #62X4 pair, huge margins to clear at top of left stamp, tied by NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 13 / NOV [1861] cds on illustrated overall lithographed advertising cover to Capt. Victor Maurin, Donaldson Artillery, Richmond Va. "Via Augusta", with A. J. Powell "Plantation Broker" design in gray; reduced at left otherwise Very Fine. Advertising covers with reference to plantations or cotton are quite desirable, Ex D.K. Collection and Ex Staples. $3,500.

Bios of A.J. Powell and Victor Maurin are on the linked page.
Listed in both Provisionals-2, and Advertising

$ 3,500


Charleston, S.C., 5¢ blue #16X1 (sealed tear at LL) tied by Sep 28 / 1861 double-circle town datestamp on cover with embossed corner card of Hayden & Whilden, 250 King Street, Charleston, SC., to Thomas H. Connors, Friendship P.O., S.C., restored section at top and back flap replaced, Dietz signature on back, Ex Northcutt. SCV $2,250. $600. Listed in both Provisional-2 and CSA 3 Sections

Hayden & Whilden was a mercantile firm. Company history on linked page.

$ 600


CSA 1, 5¢ green (faint vertical crease) tied indistinct blue CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA double-circle datestamp on all-over advertising cover of Fred: M. Wills, Druggist, Stationer and Dealer in Druggists, Fancy Goods, Lamps Etc., No. 1 Bank Building, Charlottesville, Va., to Mathew H. Harris, Esq., Roberts Mills P.O. Nelson County, Va., Ex Bruce E. Engstler and Peter W. W. Powell. Lovely showy ad cover. $650.

$ 650


CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish-blue (4 ample to enormous margins, small scrape at UR) tied neat RICHMOND / Va. // SEP / 29/ 1863 CDS on green all-over grocer advertising cover of Spotts & Harvey. $400.

$ 400


CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue pair, local paper, tied double strikes RICHMOND / VA. // MAR / 4 / 1863 cds on all-over green Harvey, Armistead & Williams / Tobacco Exchange Building / Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants,  Virginia St[reet] Richmond, Va. advertising cover addressed to Miles C[ary] Wills Esq., Wilmington, Fluvanna County, Va. $450.

$ 450


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green, tied by RICHMOND / Va. CDS on Harvey, Armistead & Williams Wholesale Grocers all-over green lithographed advertising cover to A.G. Dabney, Lynchburg, Va., top back flap missing and slightly reduced at top, small contents crease at left edge. Docketing up left side indicates sender was Hunt & James, Nov. 1861. $650.

$ 650


CSA 2-P, 10¢ light blue Paterson, (huge even margins all around) tied by RICHMOND / Va. // SEP / 7 / 1862 CDS on Harvey, Armistead & Williams Wholesale Grocers all-over blue-green lithographed advertising cover to Geo. C. Hannah Esqr, Care Mrs. C.E. Hannah, Mossingford, Charlotte County, Va. slightly reduced at left and small repair at lower right, Very Fine appearing cover. $700.

$ 700


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue vertical pair (small pre-use fold on bottom stamp) tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // SEP / 13 cds on Tradewell & DeSaussure, Attorneys At Law, Columbia S.C., ALL-OVER SHADED ADVERTISING COVER, a bit reduced at left, addressed to J. T. Hershman Esq., Camden, So. Ca. Hershman was the publisher and editor of The Camden Confederate, a weekly which ceased in March 1865. $650.

$ 650


CSA 4, 5¢ blue, (two singles), “Stone 3” noted on verso but not verified by me, large margins, tied together by light GREENVILLE / S.C. // SEP / 3 cds on light green Greenville Baptist Female College all-over illustrated college cover (CSA Catalog type SC-01b with CV of $1,500 for more common stamps) to Major Tho[mas’ B. Cooper, Cedar Bluff, Centre, Ala., docketed at left as from R B Duncan with W. H. Stiff’s certificate, slightly reduced at top and missing small part of top flap, Very Fine. This may be the Thomas B. Cooper who was Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives in 1867. More research needed. Cedar Bluff, AL, and Centre, AL, are about 6 miles apart. A lovely fresh college cover. $1,000.  

$ 1,000


US 3¢ dull red #26 tied grid with matching postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAR / 10 / 1861 CDS on blind embossed Hayden & Whilden Charleston corner card to Rev. James P. Boyce, Greenville C.H., So.Ca., Confederate State Use of US Postage. Ex David Kohn and Doug Baker. $350.

James Petigru Boyce (1827-1888) was an intellectually gifted Southern Baptist pastor, theologian, author, and educator who was a chaplain for a Confederate regiment of volunteers from Greenville Hayden & Whilden were importers of British jewelry and silverware. Much more detail on the linked page. Listed in both Advertising and Independent State Use, Section 1

$ 350


CSA 1, 5¢ green jumbo right sheet margin single tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. // JAN / 12 / (1862) on embossed grocer cameo corner card of Martin, Tannahill & Co.; top back flap missing, slight reduction at top and repaired edge nicks, addressed to D.K. Glover, Townesville, No. Ca., Ex Hill. $300.

$ 300


CSA 4, 5¢ blue upper right sheet margin tied clear bold ABINGDON / Va. // MAY cds on fresh blue printed advertising cover of “J. GODBEY, FLOYD C.H., VA:; Commissioner in Chancery for the Circuit and County Courts: and County Surveyor of Floyd County, Va.” MASONIC SYMBOLS at upper corners. Cover slightly reduced at left into corner card which is addressed to T. W. Williamson Esq., Indian Valley, Floyd Co. Va.  $550.

Jackson GODBEY personal and military bio on linked page.

$ 550


CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied by AUGUSTA / Ga. // SEP cds on cameo corner card of J.A. Ansley & Co., Commission Merchants, Augusta, Ga., addressed to Mrs. W. C. Grasly, Care Grasly & Rison, Danville, Virginia; trifle reduced at top and top flap missing. $400.

$ 400


CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue (stamps slightly discolored at bottom) tide by blue PETERSBURG / Va. cds on neat printed oval corner card of Evangelical Tract Society, Petersburg, Virginia, addressed to The Rev. Whitefoord Smith, D.D., Spartanburg, S.C. Ex Roland Hopkins, Neil. $375.

$ 375


CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue tied by GROVE HILL / ALA // JUL / 13 cds on cameo corner card of DICKINSON & KILPATRICK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, GROVE HILL, ALA, addressed to John S. Dickinson, Newtown Academy, Monroe County, Ala. Because most corner cards were manufactured in the North, the outbreak of the war eliminated most supplies of such envelopes, consequently this is a late use of a cameo-style corner card. $575.

$ 575


CSA 12, 10¢ blue (small faults) with faint manuscript postmark on FARMVILLE FEMALE INSTITUTE, A. Preot, Proprietor, college cover corner card to Miss Lucie White, Care of A. Preot, Farmville, Va., with Farmville Female College letterhead dated March 25 (no year) from her sister, Willie - mostly family and friends news. Attractive set. $150.

$ 150


Atlanta, Geo. 5¢ black handstamped provisional entire 6XU5 gray overall ad cover of William Kay, Agent, Wholesale & Retail Bookseller & Stationer, Atlanta, Ga. with long 4-page LETTER headed Atlanta, August 18th, 1861 from W. Whitaker to “My Dear Farther,” addressed to James Whitaker, Valley Town, NC; 1988 CSA certificate 1786. Describes troops arriving near every day from Richmond, mentions the Battle of Manassas on 21st of July and that he had two sons in that battle, William & George. “William was killed in the charge on the Sherman Battery, was shot through the boddy (sic) and died instantly. It is a hard trial for us.” It goes on at some length with sad battle descriptions in which several sons fought. Mentions the president’s message concerning aliens residing in the Confederate States and all males over the age of 14 years, etc. “It is rumored that the blockade has been partially removed at some points and disregarded at other points. The blockade has done the North more harm than it has the South. We have plenty provisions for home consumption. The crops are fine thus far. Provisions are plenty in Atlanta but high prices rule.”  (letter page 1letter page 2letter page 3Only a handful of these provisionals are known on advertising covers.  Listed in both Provisionals-2 and Advertising sections  $1,000. 

$ 1,000


CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue, White Tie Variety with ample to large margins, tied by faint blue CDS, likely of Petersburg Va., on Franklin Davisfruit and tree grower's overall lithographed illustrated cover to Franklin Davis, Staunton, Augusta County, Va., possibly used as a return envelope, Extremely Fine. SHOWY ILLUSTRATED AD COVER WITH SCARCE WHITE TIE VARIETY, Ex Dr. Howard Green. A Showpiece. $1,000.

$ 1,000


CSA 4, 5¢ blue (gum stains) tied blue COLUMBIA SC APR 24 circular datestamp on printed advertising cover of SOUTHERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY to Lieut R.B. Waddell, Pal. Bat. Light A Charleston SC. (Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery), Very Fine. $500.

$ 500


SELMA ALA NOV 15 circular datestamp with matching PAID 5 on overall pale orange advertising cover of CENTRAL WAREHOUSE CO. SELMA ALA GENERAL RECEIVING FORWARDING & COMMISSION BUSINESS across the face with WATTS WHITE LAPSLEY and HAGOOD at lower left; addressed to Phillip C. Booe Demopolis Ala. Ex Roger Oswald. THE ONLY ONE of this design recorded by Baum. $350.

Central Warehouse Company: Robert Hagood was in business with Clement White. These two, along with Edward T. Watts and John W. Lapsley, incorporated the Central Warehouse Company in Selma in February 1860. 

$ 350


New 2-19-23

Petersburg, Va. 5¢ red 65X1 tied blue PETERSBURG 5 cts. DEC 61 town postmark on blue embossed Peebles, Plummer & C. Commission Merchants & Grocers corner card to P.L. Derby, Crimea PO Va., Ex Moody, Emerson and Ralph Swap. Listed in both Provisional Covers, Section 2, and Advertising Covers$2,000.

$ 2,000


New 2-19-23

Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue 16X1 with huge margins showing outer frame lines all around, rich color, tied by CHARLESTON S.C. DEC 19 1861 dcds on cover to Mrs. Susan Dukes, Rowe's Pump S.C. with EMBOSSED ADVERTISING CORNER CARD FOR REEDER & DESAUSSURE, FACTORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS at upper left, Very Fine. Only 14 corner card covers with the Charleston provisional are recorded in the Calhoun census. This cover is postmarked one week after the Great Fire of 1861 decimated 15% of the city; with 1986 CSA certificate. Illustrated in the Calhoun Charleston book on p. 79. Listed in both Provisonal Covers, Section 2 and Advertising Covers. $2,800.

$ 2,800


New 2-20-23

US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching CHARLESTON S.C. MAR 17 1861 on fresh laid paper envelope with Bank of Charleston printed ad on top back flap. CSA USE OF U.S. POSTAGE, Ex Ralph Swap. $200.

$ 200


New 2-25-23

CSA 7-L pair 5¢ blue pair tied GREENSBOROUGH ALA NOV 15 circular datestamp on all-over illustrated college cover of Southern University. Greensboro (CSA Catalog type AL-04, CV $1,250), to Mrs. Eugenia L. Munnerlyn, Bainbridge, Decatur Co(unty) Georgia. Very Fine, 1997 CSA certificate not mentioning the tiny faults on stamps. Ex Ralph Swap. $1,500. 

Charles James Munnerlyn (Munnerlyn’s Cow Cavalry) biography on linked page.

$ 1,500


New 2-25-23

CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green tied RICHMOND VA. NOV 14 1862 circular datestamp on neat Green & Hobson Produce Commission Merchants Cary Street Richmond, to Jos. B. Friend, Drakes Branch Charlotte County Va. A lovely advertising use. Ex Ralph Swap. $650.

$ 650


New 2-25-23

CSA 11-KB-v6, 10¢ deep blue CHILLED PLATE variety (printing lacking, 4 margins) tied blue COLUMBIA S.C. FEB 5 circular datestamp on cover imprinted OFFICE CHARLOTTE & S.C.R.R./COLUMBIA S.C. with R.R.S. printed at lower left., addressed to Jos. Glover, Esq., Walterboro, S.C., with matching railroad letterhead dated Feby 4, 1865, from James Anderson, Supt. for O.M. Sadler. He says he wants to hire “first class boys” (slaves), not old men nor young boys. Ex Ralph Swap. $950. Listed in both Railroad and Advertising Covers

$ 950

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