Stampless Covers - Virginia and West Virginia - Section One


HOWARDSVILLE / VA. cds with matching PAID 5 in blue, Dietz type Ia, Very Fine, Ex Handy, Ex Kohn, MacBride notes on verso.

$ 160


FARMVILLE / Va. // OCT / 17 cds and handstamped PAID with 5 in manuscript. This is the Dietz type II "PAID" and not listed with the 5¢ rate; to "Capt. William A. Perkins Cumberland Troop, Yorktown, Va." on small ladies envelope; under the back flap is written "Write as soon as you get this. I am so anxious about you." 

$ 150


ARRINGTON / VA. handstamped PAID 5 on neat cover, slightly reduced at right, addressed "Care of Capt. T. C. Jordan" to Jamestown Island, Va. 

$ 150


PORTSMOUTH / VA. // AUG / 6 / 1861 / 10 PAID integral rated handstamped paid cover to Georgia. Also small manuscript Pd. 10. Dietz type III.

$ 135


PETERSBURG / VA. // FEB / 14 blue cds with UNLISTED matching handstamped PAID 5 on homemade cover to "Mrs. E. A. Preot, Care of A. Preot, Esq., Farmville, Va." This was Mrs. Eduard Arnaud Preot. Preot was born in Lille, France, emigrated to the U.S. and served on faculty of several female colleges. He was more illustrious in death than in life. In 1873 a keg of Preot's beer exploded in his face and killed him. Complete and interesting biography with likeness accompanies.  

$ 120


"Belfast Mills, Va. Nov. 9.1861 Paid 5", all in manuscript on pristine cover to well-known nurseryman in Staunton, Va., Extremely Fine. Ex Tobias

$ 180


Breckenridge Va Feb 20 Paid 5 John F. Padigo 18th Feb 1862 (Postmaster at the time), addressed to “C. Y. Thomas, Esq., Richmond, Va.” . C. Y. Thomas was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia, an attorney of ability who served in the Virginia senate before the War and struggled in vain against secession. Despite this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney during the War and was appointed by the Confederacy to distribute supplies to the needy families of Confederate soldiers. A number of covers from this correspondence are known sent to Thomas by illegal postmaster free frank from various different towns. Flap opening tear. Scarce town, Ex Tobias 

$ 200


"Cascade, Va. Dec. 12th [1861], Paid 5", all in manuscript, docketed “Mrs. A E. Thornton 10 Dec 1861” on cover to “C. Y. Thomas, Esq., Richmond, Va.” . C. Y. Thomas was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia, an attorney of ability who served in the Virginia senate before the War and struggled in vain against secession. Despite this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney during the War and was appointed by the Confederacy to distribute supplies to the needy families of Confederate soldiers. Flap opening tear. Scarce town, Ex Tobias 

$ 190


Leatherwood Va Feb 14 [1862] Paid 5 to to “C. Y. Thomas, Esq., Richmond, Va.”  C. Y. Thomas was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia, an attorney of ability who served in the Virginia senate before the War and struggled in vain against secession. Despite this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney during the War and was appointed by the Confederacy to distribute supplies to the needy families of Confederate soldiers. Valentine’s Day posting and docketing of contents: “Geo W. Bell, 13th Feb 1862”. Usual flap opening tear characteristic of this correspondence, cover staining, chip out of top right of cover face, Ex Tobias.

$ 140


Mossingford, Va. Decr 18 (1861) Paid 5, all in manuscript on folded business and personal letter to “Mr. William Gray, Richmond, Va.” from his nephew John E. Cook, file folds, Rarity 4 town, Ex Tobias 

$ 190


Pleasant Gap Pd 5 Jan 1 [1862], all in manuscript on blue folded letter from William Walton to “William Orender Esq, Fulton Post Office, Surry County, North Carolina” re hiring of his “boys” and difficulty collecting debts, very fragile with splits at folds reinforced with hinges, Scarce town, ex Tobias. 

$ 190


"Ty(e) R(iver) W(are)house Aug 21 1861 Pd 5" all in manuscript on pristine homemade cover addressed to “Dr. Arthur Lee Brent, Bremo Bluff PO, Fluvanna, Va”; soldier records show Arthur Lee Brent as a 40 year-old physician who enlisted on June 6, 1861 as a captain into 1st Co Virginia Fluvanna 1st Light Artillery. He resigned only weeks later. Of note is that he was married to Sallie Cocke, the daughter of Gen. John Hartwell Cocke. Rarity 6 town; Ex Tobias.

$ 190


"Plantersville, Va. 30 July, 62 Pd 10" , all in manuscript on small homemade cover to “Mr. E. J. Gregory, Richmond, Virginia Co A 46th Reg Va Vols Wise’s Brigade”; soldier and regimental history included. Edward J. Gregory enlisted as a private and rose to 1st Lieut by 1863. In 1862 he was listed for postal clerkship, variously sick with dysentery 1863, surgery 1864 and then wounded at Petersburg July 30, 1864 at the Battle of the Crater which cost the Union around 3,793 killed, wounded, and captured, while the Confederates incurred around 1,500. Surrendered at Appomattox April 9, 1865. Ex Tobias. 

$ 225


"Nelly’s Ford (Va) April 4th / 63 Paid 10" all in manuscript on cover to “Franklin Davis Esq, Staunton Nurseries, Staunton, Augusta Co., Va.”, ex Tobias

$ 180


RICHMOND / Va. // FEB. 5, 1862 cds with matching PAID 2 handstamp on locally addressed cover, ms. note on back "W.G. Sikes 2nd Geo. hospital Feb 5th 1862", letter gives an account of his illness and begs Mr. Stephens to procure for him a furlough for 30 days, Very Fine and interesting drop rate use, top back flap missing, ex Howard Green and Erin Gunter  

$ 900


“Cascade, Va Feby the 27th [1862] Paid 5”, all in manuscript on cover to “C.Y. Thomas Esq., Richmond, Va.”, part of top back flap missing. Thomas was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia, an attorney of ability who served in the Virginia senate before the War and struggled in vain against secession. Despite this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney during the War and was appointed by the Confederacy to distribute supplies to the needy families of Confederate soldiers.

$ 190


NORFOLK / VA // JUL / 9 / 1861 blue dc cancel with matching encircled PAID and 10 on small cover to “Miss Fanny Carry, Oglethorpe, Ga.”, reduced a bit at left otherwise Very Fine 

$ 120


“Lowry, Va. Dec 24th // 61 Paid 5” manuscript cancel on fresh homemade cover to “John F. Baugh, Esq, Merchants Bank, Lynchburgh, Va.”, the illustrating copy in the Virginia Postal History Society  Catalog. Said by a prior owner to be the only recorded marking for this town before or during the Civil War, which I have not confirmed. Scarce Bedford County town. $200.

$ 200


NORFOLK / Va. // SEP / 21 / 1861 blue cds with matching handstamped PAID 10 on small fresh narrow commercially made cover to “Miss E. J. Goelet, Demopolis, Ala.”, Very Fine, ex Kaplan $200.

$ 200


[Petersburg, Virginia] blue straightline PAID and red crayon “2” drop rate on cavalry soldier’s letter to “Miss Agnes Lyon Care of Maj D. Lyon, Petersburg, Va”. Unevenly opened at right. Letter is from Thomas Boisseau Booth, who was a 21 year-old farmer and 1860 graduate of VMI when he enlisted in Co. I 3rd Virginia Cavalry. He was a courier for Gen. Semmes and wounded 5-9-62 in the retreat up peninsula. Scarce drop rate and excellent letter contents. $600.

Long soldier’s letter of 8 pages headed “Cavalry Camp September 8th, 1861” – full typed transcription accompanies. Some rather amusing contents, to wit, “A man from Prince George by the name of L. L. Lee and about half crocked came to our camp just before the burning of Hampton. Stayed with us about two days and went off somewhere I know not where. To my surprise as we passed Bethel on our way to Hampton who should I see but Mr. Lee. He followed us down and while we were down there he got off some way or other and went towards Old Point where he was taken and carried to the Rip Raps as a prisoner. None of us knew he had gone there until a few days ago he came to out camp and told us he was just from Fortress Monroe. Upon being asked how he managed to get away he said he preached, wrote and talked to them so often and so much they had to turn him out to get rid of him. He says he has nearly converted Old Wool and he thinks a few more visits down there will convert him and he will come to General Magruder and ask his pardon for the sin he has committed in taking up arms against him. And finally he says he has made the Yankees open their eyes by telling them God is against them and he will fight our battles for us. I think they have had evidence enough of this already.”

$ 600


WYTHEVILLE / VA dateless double circle cancel, two strikes at upper left with third ghost strike, matching double strike of PAID handstamped on fresh cover addressed in peacock blue ink to Mrs. Sophia Buchanan, Rural Retreat, Wyth[e] Co Va, 1989 CSA certificate #01844 as handstamped paid (no doubt submitted as potential provisional), Very Fine and unusual  $250.

$ 250


LEWISBURGH / [WEST] VA. // JAN / 31 bold cds on clean cover to Capt. Asa Holland, Post Master, Halesford, Va., no rate marking, part back flap missing. “Post Master” is underlined in the address, thus this likely a postal matter which would have been free, although not so marked. Capt. Asa Holland was not a Confederate soldier. He was born in 1801. He was a merchant, postmaster, farmer, and plantation owner. His papers are in the Library of Virginia. $200.

$ 200


RICHMOND / Va. // SEP / 26 / 1861 cds with matching PAID 5Cts. (CSA Catalog type F), on small cover (4 ¾” x 2 ¾”) to Genl. Joseph R. Anderson C.S. Army, Wilmington, North Carolina with Chg box 258 at upper left. Ex Brian Green who collected mail to/from Generals. $150.

General Joseph Reid Anderson was a graduate of West Point, an engineer, and president of Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. Much more info on linked page.

$ 150


[PETERSBURG, VA DUE] 10, beautiful strike of black Army of Northern Virginia field cancel (CSA catalog type ANV-20, CCV $200) on cover to William Cavin, Alexander Co. NC, Stony Point PO with soldier’s endorsement From Privet V. S. Cavin, Co. G, 38 Regt NC troops. $

Virgil S. Cavin (1843-1926), of Alexander County N.C., enlisted as a private on 11-23-64 into Company G, NC 38th Infantry (Rocky Face Rangers). He was taken prisoner at Amelia C.H., Va. on April 3, 1865 and confined at Point Lookout; he was released June 26, 1865. Her widow’s claim (Sarah Webster Lackey Cavin) show her illiterate and he clearly had only rudimentary writing skills. William was his father; his mother was Mary or Mira, depending on source cited.

$ 150


PETERSBURG Va. // AUG / 61 blue cds with matching [due] 10 on soldier’s cover to Mrs. W. T. Field, Arnold’s Mills, S.C. endorsed W. T. Field, Co.(K) H. L. (Hampton’s Legion) – S.C. Vols. with contemporary pencil docketing 18th Nov 63 Campbell and Looked over Lenoir Station. Lieutenant in Army of Northern Virginia. Very Fine. $110.

$ 110


RICHMOND / Va. // AUG / 6 / 1861 cds with matching PAID / 5 Cts. on cover to Col. John L. Manning, Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Beauregard, Headquarters Army Potomac, Manassas, Virginia. Docketing up left side as sender being “J. H. Carrier, Gen. B’s groom, Aug 1861.”  Shallow nick at top edge and part of top flap missing. EXCELLENT LONG 2-PAGE LETTER signed John H. Carrier “To Governor Manning” saying he is sorry Manning misunderstood him on prior Wednesday and sent him away in disgrace. Says, if only he had been allowed a few words of explanation and an apology to the officers, he doesn’t believe he would have been sent away thus. See easily to read pages in accompanying links which explain Gen. Beauregard offering him a better position as a veterinary surgeon and that he found no fault with Carrier’s conduct. He feels he deserves a better position than that of a mere groom. Ex Wm G Bogg. $250.

John Lawrence Manning was a politician who served as the 65th Governor of South Carolina 1852-54. Much more info on linked page with image links of letter.

$ 250


TUDOR HALL / VA // OCT / 26 / 1861 cds with matching [due] 10 (Type F, CCV $150) on cover endorsed “Capt. R. Chapman, Co H. 11th Reg Ala Vols.” to his wife Mrs. Rebecca A Chapman, Livingston, Sumter Co[unty] Ala. Reduced at left. Ex Roger Ballard. $90.

Capt. Rueben Chapman Jr. served in Co. H, 22th Regiment Alabama Infantry 11 June 1861. More info on linked page.

$ 90


TUDOR HALL / VA // NOV / 9 [1861] cds with matching DUE 10 (Type E, CCV $100) on cover endorsed by A.N. Steele, 1st Lt., Co. G, 11th Reg. Ala. Vol. to Mrs. E.C. Steele, North Point, Ala. Slightly reduced at right. Ex Roger Ballard. $110.

A. Newton Steele served in Company G, Alabama 11th Infantry as a commissary officer as of 20 August 1861. More info on linked page.

$ 110


FRANKLIN DEPOT / Va. // MAR / 9 / 1863 blue cds with matching DUE 10 (Type B, CCV $300) on cover to Hugh G. Windham, Fairfield, Pickens County, Alabama, with mandated endorsement Privet (sic) in Company (F) 11th Regt Miss Vols.” Ex Roger Ballard. $250.

Private Thomas K. Windham served in Co. F, 11th Mississippi (Noxubee Rifles). Much more info on linked page.

$ 250


NORFOLK / Va. // AUG / 9 / 1861 blue cds with matching PAID 10 handstamps (Type F, CV $300) on fresh cover to Mrs. L.M.H[arris] Walker, Pleasant Hill, Dallas County, Alabama. Walker is noted as owning 100 slaves in 1860 slave census. Ex Roger Ballard. $180.

$ 180


FAIRFAX C.H. / Va. // SEP / ? / (1861) lightly struck CDS with matching type C PAID 5 (CCV $175) on stampless cover to Mrs. William King, Care Col. Aug. Leftwich, Lynchburg, Virginia. $100. 

Col. Augustine Leftwich (1794-1881) was a veteran of the War of 1812. His son, Alexander Hamilton Leftwich, served in the Civil War and was a student at VMI who fought with the Corps of Cadets in the Battle of New Market in May 1864. 

$ 100


CULPEPER C.H. / Va. // AUG / ? / 1861 lightly struck CDS with matching PAID 5 (CC type B, CCV $200) on cover to Mrs Wm S. Parran or Mr. Chas F. Graves, Somerset Orange Co. Vira., slightly reduced at top, Ex Matz. $110. 

William Sellman Parran lengthy bio on linked page.

$ 110


RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 5 / 1862 bold clear CDS with matching PAID 10 on Confederate stampless cover to Miss Sallie R. Munford, Care of Col. T. T. Munford, Forest Depot, Bedford Cty (Virginia). At top of cover is “Charge Ex Dept. G.W.M.” Ex Benson. $125.

George Wythe Munford and Brigadier General Thomas Taylor Munford and Sallie Radford Munford biographical info on linked page.

$ 125


COBHAM / Va. (ms. June 10) on folded letter to J.H. Reid, Esq., Near O.&A.R.R. Co. (Orange & Alexandria Railroad), Charlottesville, Va. Letter is from W.C. Rives at Castle Hill 8 June 1861 in which he asks the favor of “to forward the enclosed letters to Alexandria through any channel that may be known to you as affording the best chance of it reaching its destination.” Alexandria, Virginia, was occupied very early in the war (May 24, 1861) thus RIVES IS ASKING REID TO HAVE THEM SMUGGLED ACROSS THE LINES. The postal markings are “PAID (ms 5)”and manuscript “Due 5,” also a red crayon (due) 5. I believe the Due 5s were applied at Charlottesville as the 5s are in different handwriting. The letter is undoubtedly overweight because it mentions including other letters for posting along with this cover letter. NOT LISTED IN THE CSA CATALOG. Both cover and content of particular interest. $400.

William Cabell Rives (1793-1868) was a distinguished minister to France and a member of the Confederate Congress. An enormous amount may easily be found out about him online. His made his home at Castle Hill.

$ 400


New 2-20-23

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA VA ?24 1861 blue double-circle datestamp with matching PAID 5 (CSA catalog type B, CCV $300) on cover to Miss Mary L. Minor, Care of Dr. Jas W. Pendleton, Tolersville, Louisa Co. Va., Ch(arge) Box 68 at top, part of top back flap missing, Ex Thacker and Swap. $225.

$ 225

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