Stampless Covers - Tennessee


STRAWBERRY PLAINS / TEN // 5 / AUG / 1861 cds with manuscript Paid 5 on cover to Col. Robert Love, Elizabethton Tenn,  flap tears extending over top of cover at upper left, Scarce town, Ex Boshwit. $200.

$ 200


STRAWBERRY PLAINS / TEN // 1 / OCT [1861] boldly struck neat cds with manuscript “Pd 5” rate on cover to Mrs. Linda W. Kennedy, Emory, Virginia; Scarce town marking. $350.

$ 350


LEBANON / TEN. // AUG / 27 / 1861 cds with matching handstamped PAID 5 on cover to Col. G. W. Gordon, Columbia, Tennessee, bit of staining, provenance two of the greatest Tennessee collections of recent times: Ex Gallagher and Boshwit. $280

$ 280


FREEDOM / TEN // APR / 14 bold neat cds with manuscript “Paid 10” on cover to O. P. Stout, Vicksburg, Mississippi with endorsement of “Co. A 81st Reg. E. T. Vols, Vaughn’s Brigade” (East Tennessee). Original contents were noted as being from E. G. Neal before the letter and cover separated although the only Neal I can find from Tenn. is Edward M. Neal with 7th Tenn. Infty. There is an Erastus G. Neal listed in Va 21st Cavalry but seems to have no connection with this.  Somewhat war-weary but quite a scarce town marking. CCV $500. $280

$ 280


DRESDEN / TEN // SEP / 25 [1861] cds with matching PAID 10, CSA Catalog type A on cover to Honl. W. S. Pettigrew, Scuppernong, N.C. with contents docketing up left side “Sept 22, 1861 Alfred Gardner.”  CCV $300. $200

$ 200


Soldier’s DUE 10 curved handstamped on homemade cover endorsed “Private J. W. Barrow, Scogins Battery, Army of Tenn.” to “AM. Barrow, Griffin,Ga.”, John W. Barrow was in the Griffin Light Artillery, Ex Crouch. $90

$ 90


TULLAHOMA / TEN // NOV / 3 cds, 36mm BALLOON postmark with ms “Due 10” on homemade cover endorsed by “A. M. Barrow, Private in Gibsons Battery Jackson’s Brigade H Division” to Mr. E. D. Barrow, Esq, Griffin, Ga”, faded docketing at lower left that was crossed out in the same original ink as soldier’s endorsement; Alexander M. Barrow was in the Griffin Light Artillery, Ex Crouch. $180

$ 180


KINGSTON / TEN. // NOV / 6 cds with matching manuscript Due 10 on cover to Mr. Saxon Anderson, Talladega, Ala; endorsed by Pri[vate] J. L. Anderson Co A 2d Reg Ala & Miss Cava[lry]; slight edge faults at top, ex Boshwit. $200.

The Second Alabama Cavalry was organized at Montgomery in May, 1862; was in north Alabama for a short time and was then sent to Florida, where it was employed for a time; sent to Jackson, Miss., in April, 1863, and fought Grierson; was employed in Mississippi until October of that year, when it was sent to northern Alabama and Tennessee. It was in Chalmers' brigade continuously after August, 1863. In General Wheeler's cavalry corps, this regiment did arduous duty in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, losing heavily in the battle of July 22d before Atlanta. It skirmished in Sherman's rear, fighting almost daily, and followed him to Greensboro, N.C.; it formed part of the escort of President Davis to Georgia, where it surrendered at Forsyth.

$ 200


LEBANON / Ten. // FEB / 4 [1862] cds with matching PAID 5 (CSA Catalog type B) on cover to S. Cabiness (sic), Esq, Huntsville Ala., with original letter from D. Cook, Jr. who is trying to settle the affairs of his recently deceased brother, George. This cover and addressee will be the subject of a column in The American Stamp Dealer and Collector. CCV $300. $300.

Septimus Douglass Cabaniss (1815-1889) bio on linked page as well as image of letter.

$ 300


MADISONVILLE / TEN // MAY / 23 light cds with manuscript “Paid 5” rate on tiny stampless cover to Mrs. E. T. Hall, Knoxville, Tennessee; Elijah T. Hall was a judge of the Knoxville circuit court; his wife was born Martha A. Stakely. The Hall-Stakely family papers are in the Knox Country Archives. Ex Sam Zimmerman. $250.

$ 250


CHICAMAUGA [TENN] postmark at lower center of adversity cover with NOV / 14 / 1863 3-line straightline at top right and manuscript “Due 10” from “Private P[hillip] M. Thurmond, Company I, 24th Regiment S.C.V.” to “Mrs. P.M. Thurmond, Edgefield District, Cold Spring P.O., So Ca”. The cover is fashioned from a printed “Order for Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of [America].” Large sealed tear at left side extending to the center (sealed inside with archival document tape) and left back flap missing. THIS IS THE LATEST KNOWN USE OF THIS RARE CANCELING DEVICE. Thurmond was part of Gist’s Corps, Walker’s Division, Longstreet’s Corp, the Army of Tennessee. $850

$ 850


DRESDEN / Te. // JUN / 5 [1862] with matching PAID 10 (CSA Catalog type A, CV $300) on cover to Miss Catharine Etheridge, Williamston, North Carolina; with “Wmston (Williamston) NC / June 18 / ford 5 (FORWARDED)” at top, UNLISTED IN CSA CATALOG either as forwarded or as manuscript postmark (usually cds). $450.

Listed in both Tennessee and North Carolina Stampless

$ 450


NASHVILLE / Ten. // OCT / 22 blue cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA catalog type F, CCV $300) on cover to Capt. George Minor, Bureau of Ordinance & Hyd’g (Hydrology), Richmond, Va., top back flap missing, great address. $200.

George B. Minor was commissioned as a commander in the CONFEDERATE NAVY on June 10, 1862 (prior U.S. Navy service). He was detailed to the Bureau of Ordnance & Hydrography, in charge 1862-63. He was born in Virginia.


$ 200


BEANS STATION / TENN // MAR cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA catalog type A, CCV $300) and ms. Paid 10 on cover to Miss Virginia Carleton, Newtown Academy, Monroe Co., Ala.; slightly reduced at left. Ex Kohn. $160.

$ 160


CHATTANOOGA / Ten. // DEC / 21 postmark with matching DUE 10 (CSA Catalog Type D, CCV $250) on commercially-made cover endorsed “From Capt. H. L. P. King, P.A.C.S.” to his brother, Lieut. R. Cuyler King Care Hon. T. Butler King, Waresboro, Ware Co, Ga.” Part of top flap missing with edge wear and soiling at bottom. Posted after Capt. King’s death in the field on December 13, 1862. See the story of “Lordy and Neptune…a tale of friendship and loyalty” on this website at , ex Doug Baker. $160.

Hon. Thomas Butler KING had a long and significant political career. Bios on Capt. Henry Lord Page King and Richard Cuyler “Tip” King as well on the linked page.

$ 160

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